How do you read a West nomogram?

How do you read a West nomogram?

One method method is using the West Nomogram. Using a straight edge (such as a ruler or piece of paper), align the straight edge so it intersects at the child’s height and weight. Doing so will create an intersection in the BSA scale [show me]….

BSA x adult dose = approx. child dose

How do you calculate body surface area?

The most commonly used formula now is that of Mosteller, published in 1987 in The New England Journal of Medicine. According to Mosteller’s “simplified calculation of body-surface area In metric terms” the body surface area = the square root of product of the weight in kg times the height in cm divided by 3600.

What BSA is overweight?

The DuBois and DuBois (Arch Intern Med 1916;17:863-71) BSA equation is the most widely used, although derived from only 9 subjects. The overall BSA was 2.04 +/- 0.24 m(2): 1.81 +/- 0.19 m(2) in normal-weight, 1.99 +/- 0.16 m(2) in overweight, and 2.21 +/- 0.22 m(2) in obese subjects.

Why do we need body surface area?

Body surface area is also useful to assess the degree of severity in severe burn injury patients. It is crucial to accurately assess the percentage of total body surface area that a patient has sustained burns to stratify the severity best and guide the management of patients with burn injuries.

What is Young’s rule?

Young’s Rule is an equation used to calculate pediatric medication dosage based on the patient’s age and the known recommended adult dose. The definition of Young’s Rule is the age of the patient, divided by the age added to twelve, all multiplied by the recommended adult dose.

What is Fried’s law?

Fried’s rule is a method of estimating the dose of medication for a child by dividing the child’s age in months by 150 and multiplying the result by the adult dose. Pediatric dose = child’s age in months. 150. x Adult Dose.

What is a normal body surface area?

The “normal” body surface area is generally taken to be 1.7 m2 but, in actual fact, the body surface area depends on more than just height and weight. Other influential factors include the age and gender of the individual. For example: Average body surface area for adult men: 1.9 m2.

Why is body surface area used?

Values for body surface area (BSA) are commonly used in medicine, particularly to calculate doses of chemotherapeutic agents and index cardiac output. Various BSA formulas have been developed over the years.

What is normal BSA range?

The average adult BSA is 1.7 m2 (1.9 m2 for adult males and 1.6 m2 for adult females). This number is used to calculate dosages for cytotoxic anticancer agents.

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