How do you program a Honeywell 6160 keypad?

How do you program a Honeywell 6160 keypad?

There are two ways to enter programming on a Honeywell 6160 alphanumeric keypad. The easiest way to get into programming is to enter the Installer code (default = 4112) + [8] + [00]. If you do not have your installer code, and it has been changed from default, you will need to use the back door method to get back in.

How do I default a 6150RF keypad?

The keypad alternately flashes “oo” and two dashes. 2 Press the [9] key. The display flashes “EE.” 3 Press the [1] key to restore the default values, or press any other key to exit without restoring the default values.

Can you use Ademco key fob with 6160 Alpha keypad?

Note: Permanent display backlighting is an option on some controls (see the control’s instructions for details). The ADEMCO 6150 and ADEMCO 6160 are addressable Remote Keypads designed for use with ADEMCO control panels. The keys on the keypads are continuously backlit for convenience.

How do you open a Honeywell 6150?

1. Push the two case release snaps at the bottom of the keypad with the blade of a medium screwdriver (this will push in the release snap), then pull that side of the case back away. Insert the screwdriver in the side of the keypad (between the front and back case) and gently twist to release the side locking tab.

What does bF check mean on Honeywell alarm?

backup failure
A bF error on a Honeywell Alarm Keypad means that the there is a problem with the alarm monitoring communicator for your panel. Either the communicator has been removed or it is not communicating properly. The bF error stands for “backup failure”.

How many manual are there for Ademco 6150?

Database contains 1 Honeywell ADEMCO 6150 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Installation and setup manual .

How do I Reset my 6150rf to default settings?

Page 4: Defaulting Defaulting the 6150RF To restore the 6150RF to the default values, perform the following steps: Step Action Enter the Program mode by pressing the [1] and [3] keys simultaneously for a few seconds within 30 seconds after applying power. The keypad alternately flashes “oo” and two dashes.

Where can I use the 6150rf keypad/transceiver?

The 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver may be used on any control panel that supports the 6150 Keypad. • 5828/5828V wireless keypads. panel.

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