How do you pit olives commercially?

How do you pit olives commercially?

Commercial Equipment for Pitting Olives The olives are fed into the machine, where an x is punched into one end while a circular piece the same diameter as the pit is cut from the other end. The pit of the olive is pushed out through the x cut.

How much is an olive pitter?

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Do you pit olives before curing?

To prepare olives for water curing, you must first individually cut or crack each olive so that the bitter oleuropein can more easily leach out. The prepared olives are soaked in water and the water is changed daily over a week or more, depending on the olive style and the desired level of bitterness.

Can you use a cherry pitter for olives?

If your olives are small (about the size of a cherry), they can be pitted with a cherry pitter (see instructions above). For other olives, it’s easy to remove the pits simply using your hands. Place the olives on a clean, flat surface, such as a cutting board.

How much is a cherry pitter?

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How do you pit olives without smashing them?

1) Knife and 2) Meat Pounder Simply place your olives on a flat work surface and use a chef’s knife or meat pounder to gently squish (or, if you’re more confident, aggressively smash) the olive. You’ll cleave the pit from the skin so that even if it’s not immediately revealed, it will be very easy to nudge out.

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