How do you pay for the bus in Antalya?

How do you pay for the bus in Antalya?

Fares. Basic one-way fare within the city is TL2 if paid in cash, TL1.80 if paid by Antalya Kart (A-Kart) transit card. Some longer trips, such as between the city center and the airport, require double fares (TL3.60). Paying by card allows discounted transfers to connecting lines.

How do I get from Antalya airport to the city Centre?

There are two public bus lines (600, 800) from the airport to the city center. They depart every half hour during the day, have 3 trips at 01:15, 03:45 and 06:00 at night. Line 600 goes to Intercity Bus Terminal, and line 800 to Sarisu. You can pay with public transportation card of the city or in cash.

Is there buses in Antalya?

There are different bus and rail system services that transport passengers from our airport to Antalya city center and further afield. Passenger transportation is provided from Antalya Airport to Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal or to the city center by city buses.

How much is bus fare from Istanbul to Antalya?

The cheapest way to get from Istanbul to Antalya is to take a bus, tickets to which cost on average 25 USD and travel time is 14 hours.

How much is Antalya bus?

A journey by bus or tram currently costs 3.65 Turkish liras (2021). You are allowed to change buses or trams once within one hour.

Are taxis cheap in Antalya?

Are taxis expensive in Antalya? Taxis in Turkey are not expensive, especially compared to other European countries. Moreover, taxi price in Antalya do not differ during the day, night or on the weekends.

Are taxis expensive in Antalya?

How much is taxi from Antalya Airport?

The average cost of a taxi from Antalya Airport to the City Center varies between 17 Euros to 22 Euros depending on the service chosen as well the state of traffic at the time of travel.

How much are buses in Antalya?

How do you get around in Antalya?

Getting around Antalya

  1. Get around Antalya by bus. Low priced, practical and comfortable, the bus will take you anywhere around the city.
  2. Getting around Antalya by dolmus.
  3. Get around in Antalya by taxi.
  4. Getting around Antalya by tram.
  5. Discovering Antalya by bicycle.

Is Antalya better than Alanya?

Smaller in size than Antalya, Alanya is just perfect for families and for people seeking to relax. The smaller size doesn’t mean that the city lucks in activities. In Alanya, you can always enjoy some extra touches of adventure by joining thrilling tours and excursions in the countryside.

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