How do you grow Gliricidia from seed?

How do you grow Gliricidia from seed?

Seed propagation Gliricidia seeds are soaked in water for 8–10 h, preferably overnight. The soaked seeds are sown in small polythene bags filled with a mixture of red soil, sand, and farmyard manure (1:1:1) and watered regularly. Generally, 3- to 4-month-old seedlings can be planted on bunds in the rainy season.

What is the use of Gliricidia?

Uses. G. sepium was spread from its native range throughout the tropics to shade plantation crops such as coffee. Today it is used for many other purposes including live fencing, fodder, firewood, green manure, intercropping, and rat poison.

How fast does Gliricidia grow?

Growth rate Fast in early years, or when annu ally pruned back, over 2 m/yr (6.6 ft/yr). Main agroforestry uses Living fence posts, crop shade, improved fallow. Main products Fuelwood, fodder, mulch/or ganic matter. Yields Fuelwood from stands harvested every 2–3 years are 10–20 m3/ha (143–286 ft3/ac).

How long does Gliricidia take to grow?

After 18 – 24 months of growth, the field of Gliricidia is often ready for cutting. In early September, cut the trees when they reach 30cm in height. Leave the cuttings in the field for 2 weeks until they drop leaves. Two weeks after cutting, the Gliricidia biomass is ready to be mixed into the soil.

What are the benefits of gliricidia Sepium?

As a green manure, gliricidia increases soil organic matter; it aids in the recycling of soil nutrients as it produces much litter[200 , 303 ]. It also improves soil aeration and reduces soil temperature.

Is gliricidia a nitrogen fixer?

Nitrogen deriving from biological fixation (BN) is a cheap, practically unlimited, and environmentally friendly N source. Gliricidia sepium (Jacq. Kunth ex Walp.), hereafter gliricidia, is capable of forming a symbiotic association with N2-fixing rhizobia (Kinkema et al.

Is gliricidia a shrub?

Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth ex Walp. is a perennial, medium-sized (2-15 m high) legume tree. It is mostly deciduous during the dry season but is reported to remain evergreen in humid areas.

How do you grow Gliricidia Sepium?

Planting Depth: cover seed lightly and firm down. Spacing: Plant out at 1 – 2 m spacings. Details: Gliricidia seedlings establish better under shade than in full sun. Intercrop; it is ideal as a shade tree for crops such as cacao, coffee, vanilla and tea, the foliage is rich in nitrogen and can be cut as mulch.

Does gliricidia fix nitrogen?

Is gliricidia a legume?

Gliricidia sepium is a legume able to fix N. It produces a lot of litter and the half-life of gliricidia leaves is about 20 days. The plant is thus considered as a good soil improver. Because of its deep roots and quick growth, it is used as a windbreak.

How long does gliricidia take to grow?

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