How do you get the true ending in Misao?

How do you get the true ending in Misao?

Misao as a “monster.” Tohma’s grave is on the third island, and is the ending grave. Oddly enough, Tohma has a grave while he didn’t die since in order to unlock Truth mode, the player has to go through the good ending by saving Tohma.

Can you save Saotome in Misao?

The player eventually finds Tohma and Saotome in the boy’s bathroom, but she is trapped and being targeted by some sort of strange monster. Instead of staying and fighting off her assailant, Tohma runs back in the opposite direction to the exit, leaving Saotome to be brutally murdered before Aki is able to save her.

Who do you sacrifice in Misao?

During the “True Ending”, Misao returns to torture the souls of those who died as sacrifices, namely Kudoh, Saotome, Yoshino and either Tohma or Sohta, depending on who the player chose as the last sacrifice earlier.

Are mad father and Misao connected?

Connection to Mad Father. Multiple references in the game point to Library’s real identity being Aya Drevis from the game Mad Father. Library said that she has a father who loves to experiment, so he is always locked up in a lab, hinting that her father is actually Alfred.

How do you stop Hanako in Misao?

The player must then avoid Hanako while getting to the last toilet. A good strategy in avoiding her is luring her to one side then moving past her as she “dashes” towards your previous location.

What happened to Aya in mad father?

In one ending, Aya allows her undead mother to take her father away to another world. After returning to the real world, she runs into Maria, who knocks her out, takes her to the basement and then kills her, turning her corpse into a doll.

Who is the bald guy in mad father?

Ogre is a supporting character in the games Mad Father and Misao, which are both developed by Miscreant’s Room. In Mad Father, he is known as the “weird salesman” and in Misao, as Mr….

Allies Aya Drevis, Subjects

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