How do you get the red bricks in Bricksburg?

How do you get the red bricks in Bricksburg?

To get this brick you need to collect three instruction pages. Once you have located them, go to the construction site (in front of the train station). When the construction is ready, you will get the red brick.

How do you unlock red bricks in the LEGO movie?

Head to the park in the residential area and smash a tree to reveal a Master Builder spot. Use it to build a vehicle out of the two manned stands and archway (make sure you didn’t smash them; exit the hub world and return if you did) and the Red Brick will appear.

How do I get Lords business in Bricksburg?

This can be attained in the Bricksburg HUB area (to the right of the entrance of the first level: Bricksburg Construction). Select Lord Business (costs 1,000,000 studs) from the character menu (Hold (Y) and press down on the D-Pad). Destroy and reassemble the red dumpster and press (B) to unlock the achievement.

Where is the last cat Lego Movie Game?

Once on the roof, head to the right and use the bar to get to the other side of the fence. Here you will find the cat. Simply jump down and return to Mrs. Scratchen-Post and the cat jump down with you.

What are the codes for the Lego Movie videogame?

Character Unlock Codes

  • F3VG47 – Abraham Lincolin.
  • P4YX22 – Cleopatra.
  • FNHLTK – Emmet (Clown)
  • UOOAQY – Emmet (Lizard)
  • HJ4C21 – Emmet (Pajamas)
  • NIHX2B – Emmet (Old West)
  • FXP9AN – Gallant Guard.
  • OSSVNI – Green Ninja.

What are the cheat codes for the Lego Movie videogame?

What does collect guide studs do?

They are multiplicative, so if you have Studs x2 and Studs x4 cheats active at the same time, you’ll be collecting studs eight times the usual rate. This will significantly help you afford other Characters and the more expensive Red Bricks.

Who has laser in Lego movie game?

Wyldstyle (Space) Benny, she has spaces in between her steps which makes it look like she is in a zero-gravity environment and can hack into blue computer terminals, beginning a minigame. She wields the same laser as Benny does which can target multiple enemies and objects and destroy them.

What do the Astro pants do?

Pants can only be worn by characters that are already wearing pants by default….Note.

Pants Found Perk
Construction Code Gives the character perfect Construction Build ability, skipping the minigame entirely. Also has the same effects as the Pnuematic Pants!
Astro Code Now you can hack computer terminals just like Benny!

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