How do you do Tongariro Northern Circuit in 3 days?

How do you do Tongariro Northern Circuit in 3 days?

Hiking the Tongariro Northern Circuit in 3 days You can do this by walking from Oturere all the way to Whakapapa (not staying at Waihohonu). This is a fairly easy section and most people would be comfortable adding these two days together.

Is the Tongariro Crossing a great walk?

The Tongariro Northern Circuit a 43km loop which circumnavigates an active volcano in New Zealand’s Taupo Volcanic Zone. The full circuit also classifies as one of the 10 Great Walks in New Zealand.

How hard is Tongariro circuit?

Tongariro Northern Circuit is a 27.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Owhango, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from September until April.

When should I walk Tongariro?

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is hiked all year round. Summer and winter. Summer is the most popular time to enjoy the hike. The summer hiking season is from November through to the end of April.

How many great walks are there in NZ?

ten Great Walks
There are ten Great Walks dotted up and down the country. These walking tracks represent the very best of New Zealand’s great outdoors, passing through some of our most awe-inspiring scenery by way of National Parks, coastal trails, native forests and mountain passes.

How steep is Tongariro Crossing?

The walk takes around six to eight hours with an ascent to 1886 metres. So while the tracks are all clearly marked, it’s common to encounter slippery and steep sections. The Tongariro Crossing is a moderate-level hike and, given its length and difficult terrain, requires hikers to be of a good level of fitness.

When did Tongariro last erupt?

November 21, 2012
Mount Tongariro/Last eruption

Are you allowed to climb Mt Ngauruhoe?

While not illegal to climb to the summit, please hold respect for the local iwi and their connection to this land and mountain and refrain from climbing the peak. Mount Ngauruhoe is also the famous Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings. The path up to the start of the climb is beautiful and well done.

Which is the hardest Great walk NZ?

Tongariro Northern Circuit
1. Tongariro Northern Circuit. The Tongariro Northern Circuit is tough primarily for the climb to the Red Crater. This is by far the steepest climb in all the Great Walks of New Zealand and it is up a scree/volcanic sand slope.

What is the longest walk in New Zealand?

Te Araroa
Last October, Chris and Jorinde Rapsey and their two children set off from Cape Reinga to walk Te Araroa, the 3000-kilometre track that runs the length of New Zealand. They lived outdoors for five months and walked an average of 20 kilometres a day.

What should I wear to Tongariro?

What do I wear to hike the Tongariro Crossing?

  • A waterproof and windproof jacket.
  • Waterproof over trousers.
  • Warm base layers (wool, fleece or polypropylene)
  • Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots.
  • Sunglasses and hat.
  • Beanie and gloves.
  • Lighter clothing such as shorts and t-shirts.

How fit do you need to be Tongariro Crossing?

A moderate to good level of fitness is required. It is a 19.4km walk which starts with a staged climb to Red Crater. You will be climbing nearly 800m in altitude to 1900m above sea level and as a result you may feel the effects of oxygen deficiency (hard to breathe, slight dizziness).

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