How do you concatenate in Crystal Reports?

How do you concatenate in Crystal Reports?

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  1. Add a Text Object.
  2. In the text object type your two asterisks.
  3. Drag the field from the report to the textbox until it lands between the two asterisks.

How do you add two formula fields in Crystal Report?

To add the formula field, go to the Field Explorer panel. Click on Formula Fields to select it. Right click on Formula Fields, then select New.

How do you remove decimals in Crystal Reports?

you can always just go trunc(number) and it will remove all the decimals. In Crystal it’s Truncate().

How do I change the number format in Crystal Report?

  1. Open the report in Design View mode in the Crystal Reports application.
  2. Right-click on the affected field on the report.
  3. Select Format Field.
  4. On the Number tab, click Customize.
  5. Mark the Display Currency Symbol checkbox.
  6. Choose either Fixed or Floating setting (described below)
  7. Click OK.

How do you add a new line in Crystal Report?

If you need to add a line break in a formula field just use the ChrW function which “returns the single character text string associated with the Unicode value passed in” with the value of 13. The Unicode value associated with 13 is the carriage return. “This formula field ” + ChrW(13) + ” contains a line break!”

How do I use formula field in another formula field in Crystal report?

Click ADD to save the Formula field. You can now see the created Formula field in the report….Number Formula Use Case

  1. Click the + button.
  2. Click +FORMULA FIELD. The Add Formula Field window appears.
  3. Enter the following details:

How do I add a record selection formula in Crystal report?

To access or create record selection formulas, right-click your report and select Report ^ Edit Selection Formula ^ Records. This should open up standard Formula Editor Dialog. Note that the drop-down box that enables you to switch between Crystal and Basic syntax is grayed out this time.

How do you remove decimal and comma in Crystal Report?

In the crystal report designer view: Right mouse click on that field, and select Format object . Select Custom Style in the Style list, and click Customize . Untick Thousands Separator , and any other unwanted formatting.

How do I change decimal places in Crystal Reports?

How do I adjust the number of decimals for Quantity or Price fields in Crystal Reports?

  1. Right-click on the Field and choose Format Field…
  2. Select the Number tab.
  3. Click Customize button.
  4. Select Number tab.
  5. Use the drop-down next to Decimals to select the maximum number of decimals (recommended = 1.0000000)

What does CStr mean in Crystal Reports?

CStr() Convert to String. Equivalent to ToText(). CDate(string), CDate(year, month, day), CDate(DateTime) Convert to Date.

How do you show the long string text in next line in Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports – How to display more than one line of text

  1. Insert the field into the report (if it hasn’t already) and right-click on it and click on ‘Format Field’
  2. On the ‘Common’ tab, tick ‘Can grow’ – you can also set a limit to the field using ‘Maximum number of lines’
  3. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes.

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