How do you come up with a good plot for a novel?

How do you come up with a good plot for a novel?

Follow these rules to ensure you have a good plot

  1. Plot Rule 1: Create a plot skeleton.
  2. Plot Rule 2: Flesh out your plot.
  3. Plot Rule 3: Bring your plot to a powerful resolution.
  4. Plot Rule 4: End your story at a natural stopping place.
  5. Plot Rule 5: Make sure your characters resolve conflicts on their own.

What happens if someone refuses to play general zaroff’s game?

However, Rainsford does ask what happens when someone refuses to play the game by being hunted. Zaroff’s response is as follows: “I give him his option, of course. If he does not wish to hunt, I turn him over to Ivan.

What killed one of General zaroff’s dogs?

Hover for more information. Short Answer: One of General Zaroff’s best hunting dogs is killed after falling into the Burmese tiger pit. One of General Zaroff’s best hunting dogs falls into the Burmese tiger pit which Rainsford has constructed.

What does raising the stakes mean?

Definition of ‘raise the stakes’ a. to increase the amount of money or valuables hazarded in a gambling game. b. to increase the costs, risks, or considerations involved in taking an action or reaching a conclusion. the Libyan allegations raised the stakes in the propaganda war between Libya and the United States.

What are the moral stakes of the most dangerous game?

Zaroff thinks that hunting animals is too easy, because they can’t reason, which is the exact reason Rainsford feels that hunting animals is acceptable. This tension contributes to the moral stakes of the story by creating an opposing viewpoint that Rainsford will have to ironically forgo if he wishes to survive.

What is the plot in the most dangerous game?

Plot: The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful adventure story about celebrated hunter Sanger Rainsford. After falling overboard while sailing to a hunting vacation, Rainsford washes ashore on Ship-Trap Island, an eerie place.

Why is Rainsford sleeping in zaroff’s bed?

He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided. Having alluded to himself as yet “a beast at bay,” Rainsford indicates his intentions of attack. For him, the most dangerous of hunts is not over yet as he is cornered in Zaroff’s room (hence the allusion to baying dogs) and has no choice but to fight.

What is the central theme of The Most Dangerous Game?


Who was Rainsford in the most dangerous game?

Why is General zaroff evil?

– ” The Most Dangerous Game” explores the idea of human nature by showing how humans are evil and good. General Zaroff shows evil in the story because he demonstrates of killing human, and considering it as “hunting”. Rainsford shows good throughout the story because he thought hunting humans mean murder to Rainsford.

What does stakes mean in writing?

the negative consequences of failure

Why does Rainsford repeat the word nerve?

What does Rainsford’s repetition of the word “nerve” reveal about his character? A. Rainsford’s repetition characterizes him as forgetful and blundering, which is why he must repeat the word to remember his mission. Rainsford’s repetition shows that it is his courage and ability to reason that enables him to survive.

What happened zaroff dog?

As the previous educator said, Lazarus, one of Zaroff’s hounds, died in a swamp, as he was following a huntee. Lazarus, the hound, here had no such luck; he simply died, as much as Zaroff loved him, which the text explicitly says. The deplorable part of it was that Lazarus followed him.

How does Rainsford’s opinion on animals change throughout the story?

How does Rainsford’s opinion on animals change throughout the story? At first, Rainsford believes only humans can feel, but by the end, he agrees with Whitney that animals can also feel “fear of pain”.

What animal does zaroff hunt?

Homo sapien

What inference does Rainsford make based on the evidence of the pistol shots?

The inference Rainsford makes based on the evidence of pistol shots is that men are present on the island. He also infers that the men must have food.

Who is the protagonist in the most dangerous game?

Sanger Rainsford

Why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve?

Zaroff thinks Rainford droll and naive as Zaroff thinks himself as the superior most Hunter and all others to be far below him. EXPLANATION: In the story ‘The most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connel Zaroff is a unique character. He lives in an island in majestic lavishness.

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