How do you cheat on mini militia?

How do you cheat on mini militia?

Mini Militia Cheats Free Weapons These codes only work for private levels: Mini Militia Open & Close > Press for a second > Download again the app > Chat Room > finally type: uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr?//! – Reward: AK 46, Bazooka, Sniper, MI6, Caliber, and also 10 Grenades.

How do you hack the mini militia God Mod?

1 V1 Mini Militia God Mode: 3.0. 2 V2 Mini Militia Wall Hack: 3.0….How to Download Mini Militia Mod Apk:

App Size 47 MB
Mod Info Pro Pack
Credits Mini Militia Pro Apk
Requires Android 3.0 +

How do I download mini militia unlimited ammo and nitro?


  1. Go to the “Settings” option and select the “Security Settings” option.
  2. Device Administration.
  3. Turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Click on the link provided to download Mini Militia 2 MOD.
  5. Save the file in your Download folder.
  6. Locate the storage folder for the app.
  7. Click Install.

How do you always win in mini militia?

Whenever you get a chance then double your guns as two guns will give you an edge over your enemies. One of the best combinations of double guns in the game is Sniper and Shotgun. This combination is effective both at short and long range.

Who is the owner of Mini Militia?

Mini Militia is a highly popular multiplayer combat game released in 2011. The video game has been developed by Appsomniacs LLC, which is based in Pacific Northwest, North America. However, the game has been published by Miniclip, which is a subsidiary of Chinese multinational technology conglomerate, Tencent.

How do you play mini militia with friends offline 2021?

How to play Mini Militia with Friends on LAN?

  1. Launch the Mini Militia game on your Android/iOS device.
  2. Tap on Practice (Local).
  3. Select any game mode.
  4. Select LAN WIFI option.
  5. Tap on Host to create a Room.

How do you play old mini militia with friends?

How to join your friends in Multiplayer game in Mini Militia?

  1. Launch the Mini Militia game on your Android/iOS device.
  2. Tap on Play Online.
  3. Select Custom Game.
  4. Join the server which your friend told you about.
  5. Search for the room by typing in the name of the room.
  6. Once you find your desired room, tap on Join.

Who is the best player of mini militia?

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Ranking # Google Play Username
1 Gameatron 100%
2 kingson2010 100%
3 JDKamalakar 100%
4 yogaraj123 100%

Which is the highest rank in mini militia?


  • Lieutenant Colonel 3000 XP.
  • Colonel 3000 XP. Colonel.
  • Brigadier General 4000 XP. Brigadier General.
  • Major General 5000 XP. Major General.
  • Lieutenant General 6000 XP. Lieutenant General.
  • General 7500 XP. General.
  • General of the Army 10000 XP. General of the Army.
  • Commander in Chief 10000 XP. Commander in Chief.

Is Miniclip a Indian company?

Miniclip SA is a Swiss free browser game website. Launched in 2001, it is the world’s largest privately owned online gaming website.

Did Miniclip shut down?

Miniclip has shut down the game servers, but we cannot delete the game app from your mobile phone. The app will remain in your phone until you decide to delete it. I would still like to continue playing Miniclip games, where can I see other games?

What is Mini Militia pro APK?

Mini Militia pro is one of the mobile game which is appeared in the first level of that list. Mini Militia Mod Apk can provide you all the pro features to you which are only available in the premium version of the Game.

What is doodles Army 2 Mini Militia APK?

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia mod Apk is a multiplayer 3D mobile shooting game. You can also play it on your PC Or computer by installing Android emulator software like Youwave, Bluestacks etc. You can play this game online as well as offline.

Can you play minimilitia hack game offline?

You can play this game online as well as offline. So if you like 3D action game then try it right now. This is developed by the Appsomniacs LLC and published by the brand MiniMilitia Hack Game is released in the year 2015 for Android and iOS devices.

Is there a modded version of the game minimilitia?

In World wide web there are many modded version of this Game which is created by many Android learner and developers. Modded version of the minimilitia game has the additioanl features then official version. But all the modded Apk has its own features that are added by that particular developer based on their interest.

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