How do you call a function in a SQL Select statement?

How do you call a function in a SQL Select statement?

A function can be called in a select statement as well as in a stored procedure. Since a function call would return a value we need to store the return value in a variable. Now creating a stored procedure which calls a function named MultiplyofTwoNumber; see: Create PROCEDURE [dbo].

How do I write a select statement in SQL Server?

Basic SQL Server SELECT statement

  1. First, specify a list of comma-separated columns from which you want to query data in the SELECT clause.
  2. Second, specify the source table and its schema name on the FROM clause.

How do I select a function in SQL Server?

CREATE/ALTER/DROP User-Defined Function

  1. CREATE FUNCTION [database_name.] function_name (parameters)
  2. RETURNS data_type AS.
  3. SQL statements.
  4. RETURN value.
  5. ALTER FUNCTION [database_name.] function_name (parameters)
  6. RETURNS data_type AS.
  7. SQL statements.
  8. RETURN value.

Can we write select statement in function in SQL Server?

A function must have a name and a function name can never start with a special character such as @, $, #, and so on. Functions only work with select statements. Functions can be used anywhere in SQL, like AVG, COUNT, SUM, MIN, DATE and so on with select statements.

What is SQL function with example?

Aggregate SQL Functions

Function Description
SUM() Used to return the sum of a group of values.
COUNT() Returns the number of rows either based on a condition, or without a condition.
AVG() Used to calculate the average value of a numeric column.
MIN() This function returns the minimum value of a column.

Can we use function inside function in SQL?

The procedure is allowed to play with the database and its property, whether a user-defined function isn’t. That should be the essential reason behind allowing the execution of a SQL Server procedure inside the function. Let’s talk about different types of functions in SQL Server.

How do I select specific data in SQL?


  1. SELECT column1, column2, FROM table_name;
  2. SELECT * FROM table_name;
  3. Example. SELECT CustomerName, City FROM Customers;
  4. Example. SELECT * FROM Customers;

How do I write a SQL statement?

How to Create a SQL Statement

  1. Start your query with the select statement. select [all | distinct]
  2. Add field names you want to display. field1 [,field2, 3, 4, etc.]
  3. Add your statement clause(s) or selection criteria. Required:
  4. Review your select statement. Here’s a sample statement:

How do you write a function in SQL?


  1. Specify a name for the function.
  2. Specify a name and data type for each input parameter.
  3. Specify the RETURNS keyword and the data type of the scalar return value.
  4. Specify the BEGIN keyword to introduce the function-body.
  5. Specify the function body.
  6. Specify the END keyword.

What is the difference between procedure and function?

Function is used to calculate something from a given input. Hence it got its name from Mathematics. While procedure is the set of commands, which are executed in a order.

What is a scalar function in SQL Server?

Scalar User-Defined Functions in SQL Server. In SQL Server, a scalar function is one which returns a single value, be that a string of text, a number, or a date. There are many built-in functions in SQL Server, but this blog will teach you how you can write your own user-defined functions, or UDFs .

What are the functions of SQL?

SQL has a number of functions to assist you in your database programming. Functions are a self contained script/program built for a specific purpose. Generally, the value returned by a function will depend on the context in which it is being used. Often, a SQL function will be used within a query and this is what provides it with it’s context.

What is user defined function in SQL?

In the simplest terms, a user-defined function ( UDF ) in SQL Server is a programming construct that accepts parameters, does work that typically makes use of the accepted parameters, and returns a type of result. This article will cover two types of UDFs : table-valued and scalar-valued.

How to use SQL?

How to Use SQL. CREATE DATABASE – to create a database. CREATE TABLE – to create tables. SELECT – to find/extract some data from a database. UPDATE – make adjustments and edit data. DELETE – to delete some data.

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