How do you beat Levias in Zelda?

How do you beat Levias in Zelda?

Fly around Levias and use your Spiral Charge attack to squash the eyes on the ends of the four tentacles. Watch out for other flying enemies, and be wary of flying into Levias’ body (which will hurt). It’s best to approach the behemoth from the rear, dashing once you line up with each eyeball.

How do you summon Levias?

Leave the Lumpy Pumpkin and dive onto your Loftwing. Our next stop is in Thunderhead, so fly on over and into the light. Once you arrive, fly over to the rainbow island to the right and land. Scrapper will deliver the Pumpkin, causing Levias to appear.

How do you summon Levias in Skyward Sword?

Before you can battle Bilocyte, you need to summon Levias in Skyward Sword first. To do this, you must first visit Headmaster Gaepora in the Knight’s Academy on Skyloft and, as you leave, he will tell you about Levias – a guardian sky spirit who, for some reason, we’re just hearing about now.

Where can I find Owlan?

Owlan is an instructor at the Knight Academy. He lives in Skyloft. He is a plant fanatic, and his room in full of odd specimens.

How many times do you have to fight the imprisoned?

Over many years, the seal began to weaken. The Imprisoned successfully breaks free four times throughout the course of Skyward Sword. On the fourth time, he regains his true form as Demise. Link can use the power of a Skyward Strike to seal him again after weakening him.

How do you hit targets in Zelda Skyward Sword?

Once you have equipped the Clawshots, press the ZR Button to use it. For both button-only controls and motion controls, move your Right Joy-Con to aim. Press the ZR Button to shoot the Clawshot. If you use it to shoot at a target, you can use the second Clawshot to aim at another area.

How do you unlock Fun Fun Island?

To unlock the party wheel side quest in Skyward Sword, you must first complete the Isle of Songs bridge puzzle and ensure you’ve found Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals. With these feats accomplished, you’ll be able to find Fun Fun Island west of the Lanayru Desert entrance.

How do you solve the Isle of songs puzzle?

How to solve the Isle of Songs puzzle in Zelda: Skyward Sword

  1. Move central dial seven times.
  2. Hit the right switch.
  3. Move central dial six times.
  4. Hit the top crystal.
  5. Move central dial once.
  6. Hit the right crystal.
  7. Move the central dial until the bridge is correctly in place.

How do you get the Hero song?

Enter the inside of the Great Tree at the bottom of the woods once again. Swim on over and up to the top of this area. Resurface and speak with Faron. The Water Dragon will now sing the song to you and you will have learned part of the Song of the Hero!

How do I get on The Imprisoned head?

Immediately after your first takedown, the Imprisoned will demonstrate a new move: A halo forms about its head and it floats up to the sky. Luckily, Groose should be ready to fire again. Fire a bomb at it and run to the ground level. It will fall and you can smack the spike into its head while it lies prone.

How do I stop being imprisoned?

Drive the spike into its head a third time and the beast will be sucked into the seal. Approach the seal, raise your sword and perform a Skyward Strike to seal The Imprisoned back in its ethereal cage. To complete the seal, you have to slash your sword in the triangle shape shown.

How do you hit the targets in lanayru desert?

Use the beetle and grab the bomb from the nearby cactus. Carry the bomb above the structure where the mine cart leads into. There is a small hole at the top where you can drop the bomb into. Do so and it will hit a timeshift stone, activating this area.

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