How do you adjust the tension on a Pfaff sewing machine?

How do you adjust the tension on a Pfaff sewing machine?

Use a screwdriver to turn the screw on the case a little to the left to loosen the tension. If the bobbin case drops quickly 5 inches or more, the tension is too loose. Turn the screw a little to the right to tighten the tension.

Are all Pfaff Bobbins the same?

Every machine is designed to take a particular size and shape of bobbin, they are not all interchangeable. Selecting the incorrect bobbin can damage your machine.

How do I use my Pfaff creative 2140 machine assistant?

Both fields can be used as source or destination, when you copy or move stitches or stitch sequences. Page 33 Machine Assistant. The Machine Assistant contains precise instructions on how to use your Pfaff creative 2140, thread a needle and wind a bobbin, change the light bulb, and attach the embroidery unit to the machine, plus lots more.

How do I add decorative stitches to my Pfaff creative 2140?

Zigzag stitch with right needle position Open a saved embroidery combination Tapering 4-35 Embroider stitches stored Selecting decorative stitches in your Pfaff creative 2140 4-36 Altering stitch settings The Creative Data Manager 4-36 Stitch width Functions In the Creative Data Manager… Page 7 — — — — —…

How do I check the version of my Pfaff creative?

Touch down arrow until the Version icon appears… Page 186 PFAFF 3. Touch the Version icon 4. This number shows the current version installed on your Pfaff creative 2140 i4otvjc:L2Oi (C ‘)O… Page 188 2 following until It is unit with With right.

How do I change the language of my Pfaff printer?

Language In this menu, you can select the language of your Pfaff Back to basic settings creative 2140. Touch the language of your choice and the • This function allows you to reset all machine settings button is shown as active. Page 68 Persc,r, n,enu…

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