How do I use Google AdWords API?

How do I use Google AdWords API?

Make API call via OAuth2.

  1. Set up authentication via OAuth2.
  2. Request/Get a developer token for your adwords account.
  3. Get your refreshed token and configure your adwords client — run script ‘get your refreshed token’
  4. Make your API call — run script ‘’

What are some things you can do using the Google AdWords API and would you recommend using it?

The AdWords API allows apps to interact directly with the Google Ads platform, vastly increasing the efficiency of managing large or complex Google Ads accounts and campaigns….Some typical use cases include:

  • Automated account management.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Ad management based on inventory.
  • Manage Smart Bidding strategies.

Is Google Ads API free?

There will be no charges for AdWords API usage for either basic or standard access.

Where is Google Ads API Center?

Sign up for Google Ads API access through your manager account. Sign in, then navigate to TOOLS & SETTINGS > SETUP > API Center. The API Center option appears only for Google Ads manager accounts.

What is Google AdWords API?

The AdWords and Google Ads APIs (application programming interface) allow developers to create and use applications that interact directly with their account details on the Google Ads server. These APIs can help advertisers efficiently manage large Google Ads accounts and campaigns.

How do I get Google AdWords data?

To see Google Analytics data in Google Ads, you’ll first need to enable auto-tagging for your Google Ads account, link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, and choose Google Analytics views to import site metrics from. Then, you’ll add Google Analytics columns to your Google Ads reports.

How can I see my AdWords performance?

If you’re new to tracking your performance, start by clicking All campaigns in the navigation menu on the left in your Google Ads account. Click either Ads & extensions or Keywords from the page menu on the left to see statistics tables that show you a complete, customizable view of all of your data.

How do I extract data from Google Ads?

Go to the Account menu > Export. You can choose to export as the whole account, export selected campaigns and ad groups, export current view, or export custom rules.

Do you need to know coding for Google Ads?

Because implementing the Google Ads API takes technical know-how and programming skills, best results can be achieved by advertisers who employ software developers. The API is flexible and functional — you can use it to build an application that meets your needs.

How do I setup an API call?

How to Make API calls

  1. Find the URI of the external server or program.
  2. Add an HTTP verb.
  3. Include a header.
  4. Include an API key or access token.
  5. Wait for the response.

How do I monitor Google AdWords?

To check the status and effectiveness of your ads on Google AdWords, sign into your account, click on the Campaigns tab at the top, and then click on the Ads tab in the middle of the next page….Monitor Your Google AdWords Account

  1. Status. Here, you can check to see if your ads are running.
  2. CTR (Click-through Rate).
  3. Avg.

How successful are Google Ads?

Are Google Ads effective? Over recent years, the effectiveness of Adwords has become substantially recognised which has led to the great increase in Google Ads popularity. In fact, the advertising platform now rakes in the majority of Google’s annual revenue, turning over a whopping $116.3 billion US dollars for 2018.

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