How do I switch between iTunes libraries?

How do I switch between iTunes libraries?

Once you’ve created multiple iTunes libraries, here’s how to switch between them:

  1. Press and hold the Option key (on Mac) or the Shift key (on Windows), then open iTunes.
  2. In the Choose iTunes Library window, select Choose Library.
  3. Another window appears, defaulting to your Music/My Music folder.

Can you have 2 separate music libraries on iTunes?

You can have more than one iTunes library. For example, you could have a library of holiday music that wouldn’t appear in iTunes the rest of the year. Or you could keep your music in a library on your computer and your movies in a library on an external storage device.

Why do I have two iTunes libraries?

Each Previous iTunes Libraries folder should contain backups of the library in its parent folder made during some updates to iTunes. These can be useful for recovering the library if something goes wrong.

Can you have 2 different iTunes accounts on the same computer?

Yes. You can have two separate iTunes accounts and two separate iTunes libraries on the same computer. You must tap the SHIFT key when start iTunes , it will then ask you which library to choose and you go from there.

How do I open a specific iTunes library?

Press and hold the Option key, then open the Apple Music app. In the window that appears, click Choose Library. Select the iTunes library that you want to switch to. Click Choose.

Are Apple Music and iTunes the same thing?

The app is also available for Android phones, on many smart TVs, streaming boxes, and even game consoles. You can also access Apple Music on the web at Isn’t Apple Music the same as the iTunes Store? The iTunes Store is now a section of the Music app and you can still buy music there.

How do I merge two iTunes libraries?

Go to File ->Library->Organize Library. Choose both Consolidate Files and Reorganize files in the folder ‘iTunes Music’. If you cannot select “Reorganize files in the folder ‘iTunes Music”, it means that your computer has already done this. Select OK.

Does Apple Music have a library limit?

“You can have up to 100,000 songs in your music library. Songs that you buy from the iTunes Store don’t count against this limit.” Let us know if you still need further assistance uploading your music.

How do you tell which iTunes library is being used?

Press and hold down shift as you launch iTunes, click the choose option. The file browser should open pointed at the current library.

What is an iTunes library?

Your iTunes library, a database that’s made up of all of the music and other media that you add to iTunes for Windows, is organized into two iTunes library files and an iTunes Media folder. Before you back up your media: Consolidate your iTunes library.

How do I Create another iTunes library on the same computer?

Detailed Steps

  1. Open iTunes on your computer while holding down the “Shift” key.
  2. Select “Create Library” from the pop-up menu box that appears.
  3. Create a name for the new library and click “Save.” iTunes will open the newly created library.

How do you Create a new iTunes account when you already have one?

From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account > Sign In. Then click Create New Apple ID. Enter your credit card and billing information, then click Continue. You can also choose None, and learn what to do if None isn’t showing or you can’t select it.

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