How do I study effectively for Nclex-RN?

How do I study effectively for Nclex-RN?

7 Essential NCLEX Study Tips

  1. Slow and steady wins the NCLEX race.
  2. Memorize the NCLEX’s structure.
  3. Put your NCLEX study plan to work.
  4. Consider taking an NCLEX prep course.
  5. Take it easy the day before the exam.
  6. Arrive with an exam preparedness kit.
  7. Know what to expect with your NCLEX results.

What do I need to memorize for the NCLEX?

Here are some of the most helpful mnemonics for the NCLEX-RN exam that you should include in your study sessions.

  • MONA. For the treatment of Myocardial Infarction, you can think of the name MONA.
  • ZZLSD. The drugs that are used in the treatment of HIV can be memorized with ZZLSD.
  • FAME.
  • SPAMS.
  • FAST.
  • PRICE.
  • STING.

Is 2 weeks enough time to study for NCLEX?

Set and stick to a detailed plan. Each day of the last 2 weeks should be intentionally planned out in detail. Devote 4 hours to test taking practice and 2 hours to review of the test results, including content remediation. If you’re feeling confident in your NCLEX prep, go for Study Plan #1.

What are good signs you passed NCLEX?


  • You feel confident about the exam.
  • You answered questions during NCLEX prep that were very similar to questions on the NCLEX.
  • You took an NCLEX-prep class and did well in the class.
  • You scored well on the NCLEX Predictor Test.

How do I remember my hematology values?

Use the letters “od” in sodium to remember “odd” numbers. Then combine the first 3 odd numbers which are 1, 3, and 5. This will give you 135 which is the lower end of normal. Simply add 10, and this will give you the normal range of 135-145 mEq/L.

What topics should I study for NCLEX?

The NCLEX test plan is broken up into these sections:

  • Management of Care (Coordinated Care for the NCLEX PN)
  • Safety & Infection Control.
  • Health Promotion & Maintenance.
  • Psychosocial Integrity.
  • Basic Care & Comfort.
  • Pharmacological & Parenteral Therapies.
  • Reduction of Risk Potential.
  • Physiological Adaptation.

Is one month enough to study for NCLEX?

Recommended study times may vary depending upon the level of preparation needed and can range anywhere from four to twelve weeks or more. Although this article provides a guide to studying NCLEX in one month, it is highly recommended you allocate more than just four weeks to prepare for your exam.

Is UWorld enough to study for NCLEX?

UWorld did a great job of condensing the most important information for the NCLEX. I made sure to read all of the rationales, even on the questions, I got right, as sometimes there is additional information that was useful to me. In total, I studied for 3.5 weeks.

What are considered passing level questions on NCLEX?

The RN version requires that you answer at least 75 questions and no more than 265. In contrast, you will need to answer a minimum of 85 questions on the PN exam, with a maximum of 205 questions.

Does NCLEX get harder when you fail?

The truth is that the length of your test has nothing to do with whether you pass or fail. The number of questions you get is based on how you answer the questions. If you answered correctly, a harder question is given to you. If you answer incorrectly, an easier question is given to you.

What to do during the NCLEX exam?

Make sure you pace yourself by taking the time to analyze each question carefully and not rushing through them. Take Breaks If Needed – There are two optional breaks available to you while taking the NCLEX – one after approximately 2 hours of testing time and another after approximately 3.5 hours of testing time.

How long does it take to get results for NCLEX?

You can find NCLEX quick results 48 hours from start or finish. Wait at least 48 hours after you have taken the NCLEX examination before searching for results. Otherwise, you may receive a message indicating NCLEX results not available at this time. Log on to the Pearson VUE NCLEX website to access quick results. These are unofficial results.

What are the rules for taking the NCLEX?

NCLEX Rules. You must thoroughly review the NCLEX Candidate Rules prior to being seated for the exam. On exam day at check-in, you are directed to read the Candidate Statement and provide an electronic signature, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the NCLEX. In addition and to ensure a high level of security,…

How early can I take the NCLEX?

The earliest date on which you can take the NCLEX-RN® exam varies depending on your state, but the majority of students test approximately 45 days after the date of their graduation. Variables include: when you submit the applications and fees, the length of time the ATT is valid, personal factors (weddings, births, vacations), and job requirements.

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