How do I set dynamic range in VBA?

How do I set dynamic range in VBA?

Dynamic Range

  1. First, we declare one variable and two Range objects.
  2. We add the line which changes the background color of all cells to ‘No Fill’.
  3. We initialize rng with the numbers.
  4. We initialize maximum with the maximum value of the numbers.
  5. Finally, we color the maximum value.
  6. Add a number.

Is Variant an object in VBA?

A VBA Variant is a VBA variable that has not been declared to have a specific data type. It can therefore hold any type of data that VBA variables are able to hold – be it text, numbers, dates, time or objects.

How do you specify a range in VBA?

  1. Select all the cells of a worksheet. Cells.Select.
  2. Select a cell. Cells(4, 5).Select.
  3. Select a set of contiguous cells. Range(“C3:G8”).Select.
  4. Select a set of non contiguous cells. Range(“A2,A4,B5”).Select.
  5. Select a set of non contiguous cells and a range.
  6. Select a named range.
  7. Select an entire row.
  8. Select an entire column.

How do you declare a variable as Variant in VBA?

VBA Variant Doesn’t Require Explicit Way The general procedure to declare a VBA variable is to first name the variable and then assign the data type to it. Below is an example of the same. This is the explicit way of declaring the variable.

Can a Variant be null?

A Variant is a special data type that can contain any kind of data except fixed-length String data. A Variant can also contain the special values Empty, Error, Nothing, and Null.

What is Variant in Visual Basic?

The variant data type can be used to define variables that contain any type of data. A tag is stored with the variant data to identify the type of data that it currently contains. A newly defined Variant defaults to being of Empty type to signify that it contains no initialized data. …

How do you know a range is active?

The current Active Cell can be identified as below.

  1. Address of Current Active Cell is displayed in Cell Name box.
  2. Data or Formula of Current Active Cell can be viewed inside Cell Contents box of Excel Formula bar.
  3. Current Active Cell’s border gridlines are bold.

What does subscript out of range mean VBA?

Subscript out of range is an error we encounter in VBA when we try to reference something or a variable which does not exist in a code, for example, let us suppose we do not have a variable named x but we use msgbox function on x we will encounter subscript out of range error.

What does dim do in VBA?

The Dim keyword is short for Dimension. It is used to declare variables in VBA. Declare means we are telling VBA about a variable we will use later.

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