How do I pay my Brenner Pass toll?

How do I pay my Brenner Pass toll?

The Brenner motorway toll can be paid by cash or the usual credit and debit cards. There are also available prepaid toll cards (see VIAcard Italy) which you can buy at ADAC and will allow you to save waiting time at the motorway exit.

How much is the Brenner Pass toll?

Road toll Brenner

Category Type Total Route
Cars Round trip 19.00 Euros
Annual ticket 103.50 Euros
Annual ticket commuters 41.00 Euros

How do I pay tolls in Austria?

How do the tolls work? There are generally no booths or barriers collecting toll payments. Instead, you need to buy a physical or digital toll sticker (German: Vignette or Autobahnpickerl) before driving on a motorway or expressway with a car or motorcycle.

Do I need to pay toll in Austria?

In Austria, tolls are compulsory on all motorways and expressways. The toll can be paid in the form of a vignette, lorry toll (GO-Box) or route toll. The toll also ensures the expansion and operation of the high-level road network in Austria.

Can you drive in Austria without a vignette?

The toll sticker has been compulsory on Austria’s motorways and expressways since 1997. All cars, motorbikes and camper vans up to 3.5 mpw (maximum permissible weight) must properly display a toll sticker or have purchased online in time a digital vignette when they drive onto a motorway or expressway.

How long is Brenner Pass?

36 km
How long is the Brenner Pass? The pass is 36 km (22 mi) long, running from Inntal Autobahn to Autostrada A22.

Is the Brenner pass a toll road?

The Brenner Autobahn is a toll route in both Austria and Italy. When travelling on the Austrian A13, drivers are required to pay extra tolls (German: Maut), either by credit card or cash at the toll plaza at the Schönberg im Stubaital junction or via a Videomaut prepaid system.

Do you need a sticker to drive in Austria?

Are Austrian highways free?

Motorway charges in Austria are levied for the passage of motorways and expressways, for passenger cars this fee is paid in the form of a vignette. Vignettes are on sale in Austria in electronic and classic form of stickers with a validity period of 10 days, 2 months and 1 year.

How much do tolls cost in Austria?

Prices for an Austrian passenger-car vignette range from 9.20 euros (ca. $10.00) for a 10-day sticker to 89.20 euros ($101.00) for a year (for vehicles up to 3.5 tons). * Motor homes and large vehicles over 3.5 tons must have a so-called “GO-Box” that tracks your actual mileage.

Are highways free in Austria?

Motorway charges in Austria are levied for the passage of motorways and expressways, for passenger cars this fee is paid in the form of a vignette. There is also a charge for the passage of several tunnels and mountain passes in addition to motorways.

Is the autobahn in Austria?

Austria currently has 18 autobahns, since 1982 built and maintained by the self-financed ASFiNAG stock company in Vienna, which is wholly owned by the Republic of Austria and earns revenue from road user charges and tolls. The current Austrian Autobahn network has a total length of 1,720 km (1,070 mi).

Where can I find further information about the Brenner motorway?

Further information about the Brenner motorway you can find on the website of the ” Autostrada del Brennero “: • Brennero toll (toll payment, calculate your toll, automatic toll payment via TELEPASS.) Here you can find further information regarding toll roads in Italy and how to calculate and pay the motorway toll:

How to pay the Brenner motorway toll in Austria?

Motor vehicles > 3.5 t must pay the Brenner motorway toll by use of the GO-Box (Austrian truck toll system). If you drive regularly on the A13 Brenner motorway special toll route, then you can also buy a monthly or annual pass.

Can I Pass on the A13 Brenner motorway without a vignette?

You can pass on the A13 Brenner motorway without vignette because it is a special toll section for cars / motorcycles. If you want to bypass the roads that require the vignette then the first / last exit is Innsbruck south.

How to get to the Brenner Pass from Innsbruck?

The special toll route between Innsbruck south and the border Austria-Italy at the Brenner Pass (altitude 1.350 meters) can be traveled by car <3.5 t without vignette. Instead of the vignette you have to pay a section toll at the tollgate “Schönberg” to the Austrian “ASFINAG” when you are crossing the “ bridge of Europe”.

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