How do I learn Nia?

How do I learn Nia?

7 Tips for Beginning Nia

  1. Relax. Breath.
  2. Be in the moment. In Swahili, Nia means moving with purpose.
  3. Tune in. Always listen to your body.
  4. Start with your feet.
  5. Go Barefoot.
  6. Seek “Dynamic Ease.” Never force a motion.
  7. Express Yourself.

What are the benefits of Nia?

Nia alleviates anxiety and stress, producing a sense of calm energy. Weight loss, increased strength, and relief from pain are common. Nia alleviates depression and helps you reclaim your sense of joy. It helps you awaken your sexuality, and improve your health and circulation.

What is Nia fitness class?

The Nia Technique is a barefoot fitness class that combines simple dance moves with martial arts and healing arts to provide a total body workout that includes your mind, emotions and spirit. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being.

What is a Nia white belt?

The Nia White Belt Training presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment, this training is a starting point to become a master student.

How many belts does NIA have?

Each of the six belts mentioned has a separate set of principles. (At least I THINK the additional Black Belt has principles.) There are 13 principles for each belt, each belt also has a focus. The Nia Blue Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Communication.

How many calories does NIA burn?

She estimates the average class burns about 500 calories. One participant wearing a calorie watch said the class burned 750 calories.

What is NIA movement Therapy?

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, empowering people of all shapes and sizes by connecting body, mind, emotion and spirit.

What does NIA stand for dance?

Neuromusculare Integrative Action
Nia (Neuromusculare Integrative Action) is a holistic movement practice that works with elements from martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques and brings together body, mind and soul.

What is Nia movement Therapy?

What is Nia Black Belt?

The Nia Blue Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Communication. The Nia Brown Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Perception. The Nia Black Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Creativity. The Nia First Degree Black Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Self.

What is Nia Movement Therapy?

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