How do I integrate Twitch into discord?

How do I integrate Twitch into discord?

Connect your Twitch and Discord accounts by going to Discord → ‘User Settings’ → ‘Connections’ → Twitch and complete the authorization. Go to the server you want to link to Twitch. Right-click on the server name and go to ‘Server Settings’ → ‘Twitch’ and integrate with Twitch. You can do this for multiple accounts.

How do I announce my Twitch on discord?

  1. Step 1: Go to the Twitch plugin in your dashboard. Go to Log in with your Discord account.
  2. Step 2: Subscribe to a Twitch channel. Fill out the fields.
  3. Step 3: you’re all set! From now one, you will receive a message in your Discord server everytime any of your Twitch channels goes live!

Does Twitch have a Discord server?

Share All sharing options for: Twitch introduces new Discord-like chat Rooms for streamers. Twitch is introducing a new feature today for streamers that will let them create their own Discord-like channels, separate from standard Twitch chat, where viewers and subscribers can talk to each other.

How do I get MEE6 to announce my streams for free?

  1. Search for the Twitch channel/streamer you want to add.
  2. Edit the announcement notification MEE6 posts to your Discord server.
  3. Select the Discord channel where MEE6 should post the live notification.

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How do you set up Webhooks on Discord?

Create webhook

  1. Open the Discord channel you want to receive GitLab event notifications.
  2. From the channel menu, select Edit channel.
  3. Select Integrations.
  4. If there are no existing webhooks, select Create Webhook.
  5. Enter the name of the bot to post the message.
  6. Optional.
  7. Copy the URL from the WEBHOOK URL field.
  8. Select Save.

How do I connect Twitch to OBS?

How to use OBS

  1. Open OBS.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Stream.
  4. Set Service to Twitch and click on Connect Account for the quickest setup.
  5. Log in to Twitch with your username and password.
  6. If you don’t want to connect your account directly, you can link Twitch to OBS via a stream key.

Does xQc have a Discord?

In a recent move, xQc announced on his Twitter that he has closed his Discord direct messages, stating that fans constantly spam his DMs. Therefore, he ends up missing many important communications from people who need to connect to him.

Does MEE6 cost money?

With MEE6 premium, you can reward users with special roles once they reach a certain level, connect multiple Twitch and YouTube channels to your server, and further customize your moderation messages. MEE6 premium costs $11.95/month, $49.99 for a full year, or $89.90 for lifetime use on one server.

Can MEE6 play Spotify?

It supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and even Twitch. It’s possible to queue livestreams too. No support for Spotify though.

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