How do I get clinical experience for IMG?

How do I get clinical experience for IMG?

Following your course, you will join an attending physician at a U.S. hospital for clinical rotations. You can choose whether you’d like a 6-month experience that includes 8-weeks of rotations or a 12-month experience that includes 28 weeks of rotations.

What is externship for IMG?

Externship for IMG Externships refer to clinical rotations not provided by the applicant’s medical school. Medical students and graduates gain hands-on experience under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Is Usce important for IMG?

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) is considered an important aspect of an IMG’s residency application in the US. (Most programs require 3-4 letters, you can use letters from your home institution too but the ones that are from the US are valued better.

Does observership count as Usce?

While there are a small handful of programs that count Observerships as US Clinical Experience. Yes, as long as your rotations were in the US, they count as USCE. However, the farther out you get from graduation, the more you might need to get more USCE. This helps prove you are still relevant in the medical field.

Can IMG clerkship?

The Clinical Rotation Program is a standardized clinical clerkship program designed exclusively for IMGs, working in unison with the medical school.

How much does observership cost in USA?

Hands-on experiences/observership costs Paid observerships/ electives/ externships and range from $1000$- $3000 per month depending on the program. Remember this is just cost for attending the observership/elective and an expected cost of $50 for lodging and utilities is expected per month.

Is clerkship the same as observership?

The terms observership, externship and clerkship are sometimes used interchangeably in medical education which can cause some confusion for residency applicants.

How do I become a Usce IMG?

Where can you get USCE?

  1. University Hospitals with international visiting student programs.
  2. Community Hospitals with residency programs that accept IMGs (Usually only observerships): A common way to get an opportunity is to send out cold emails to the attendings listed on their websites.

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