How do I get access to Etims?

How do I get access to Etims?

The ETIMS can be accessed directly by visiting (CAC/Login Access Required). Note: The Global TODO is on subscription for Public Release TOs only.

Where can I get AF form?

Air Force Forms and Pubs The AF ePubs catalog is organized by form number and title. Most forms are available for online filing with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader browser application and software. Read all associated instructions for filing guidelines and specific rules on usage, mailing, and availability.

What is an Air Force form 623?

What Is AF IMT Form 623A? This is a legal form that was released by the U.S. Air Force IMT (Information Management Tool) on March 1, 1979 and used country-wide. As of today, no separate filing guidelines for the form are provided by the issuing department.

What are Air Force publications?

Air Force publications issue Air Force policy, guidance, and procedures that serve to inform and to assign responsibilities. Air Force forms provide an expanded capability to standardize and manage the collection, storage, retrieval, and display of data.

What does Etims stand for?

Enhanced Technical Management System (ETIMS)

What is Integrated Maintenance Data System?

The Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) will be the standard Air Force system for maintenance information. All maintenance information should be accessible for collection, storage, and dissemination of critical data for repair and improvement of Air Force weapons systems and equipment.

Where can I get AF form 910?

An up-to-date fillable AF Form 910 is available for download below. No copies of the report can be found on the Air Force e-Publishing website.

What is a AF form 2096?

IMA AF Form 2096 Submission for Classification/On-the-Job Training Actions.

What is an AF form 174?

The AF Form 174, Record of Individual Counseling, is used either to record a verbal counseling session or as written counseling. It is used to document a record of positive or negative counseling and is useful when completing performance evaluations. It is the least severe form of written administrative actions.

What are Air Force pamphlets?

This pamphlet provides guidance and history for excellence in protocol, decorum, customs and courtesies during Air Force ceremonies, conferences, and social events, in hosting distinguished visitors and in honors afforded at military funerals.

How do I get my AF form 422?

The 422 may be obtained from the member’s servicing Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Record Review Rip (Go to vMPF, click “Self-Service Actions,” then click “Personal Data,” then click “Record Review/Update,” then “View/Print All Pages.”

What does the Air Force departmental publishing office do?

The Air Force Departmental Publishing Office provides in-house Adobe Forms Training and an orientation course for Headquarters Air Force Publication Change Managers and Action Officers. Get an email when your favorite publication or form changes!

How do I access the Air Force AFRIMS?

The AFRIMS is exclusively accessed via the “Air Force Applications A-Z Index” listing on the AF portal. 5.10.6 TODOs must request TOMA guidance for disposition of extra COTS manuals. 5.10.7 When a function transfers from one activity to another, transfer of TO libraries is subject to the approval of the gaining activity. 5-13 TO 00-5-1 Figure 5-1.

Can I view legacy official AF forms on the e-publishing website?

Lotus Forms Viewer is available for all users to view legacy official AF forms posted on the e-Publishing website. This software is not compatible with Apple Operating Systems (MAC). MTO 2213-086-003 Install LOTUS Form Viewer on all workstations

Is the PureEdge viewer available to the Army?

FCMP provides the Army with an enterprise-wide license for the PureEdge Viewer 6.5. This agreement covers all Active Army (military, civilian and contractors), Army Reserves, Army National Guard Bureau, and any Government or civilian users conducting official Army business.

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