How do I get a code 14 Learnership?

How do I get a code 14 Learnership?

In order to apply for the learnerships, the applicants should have the ability to drive heavy vehicle with code 14 license. It would have been better if the applicants had already had a few years of experience in relevant field. The main requirement to apply for this job is a valid code 14 license.

Who qualifies for learnerships?

Who is eligible for a learnership? Learnerships are available for young people who have completed school, college or learning at other training institutions. You must be older than 16 and younger than 35 to be eligible for a learnership.

How much is a code 14 Licence?

Code 14 Lessson Prices: 5 driving lesson package plus test day truck hire – R 2500.00. 10 driving lesson package plus drivers test booking and test day truck hire – R4000.

What is a code 14 drivers Licence?

What is a Code 14 Licence? A Code 14 licence allows you to drive a vehicle over 16 000 Kg, with a trailer over 750 Kg.

Do you get paid for learnerships?

Will the learner be paid? There is a specified minimum learner allowance that must be paid to unemployed learners in a learnership. This is not a salary but covers expenses like travel and meals.

How do I apply for Sasol Learnership?

SASOL Learnerships: Application Process

  1. When applying for the learnership make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for (e.g. National certificate in professional driving-NQF Level 3 SAQA ID 50285)
  2. Make sure that you sign the application form yourself.

What qualifications do I need to work at Eskom?

Eskom Learnerships Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 10 or higher (Technical / Academic) N2 including Mathematics, Science, Trade Theory and Drawings.
  • Relevant NCV 4 qualification with Grade 10 or higher including Mathematics and Science.

Where can I apply for Foskor jobs in South Africa?

Foskor vacancies 2022 Apply Now Foskor Careers Attendant Conveyor Jobs in Pretoria. Latest Foskor jobs in Gauteng. Subscribe now for upcoming vacancies at Foskor careers.

What is the Foskor Mining Museum in Phalaborwa?

The Foskor Mining Museum is situated on Koper Street, in Phalaborwa’s oldest house. It is the venue of a good deal of company events and corporate celebrations, making it an important part of the tourism and entertainment sectors.

Where does Foskor get its phosphate?

Founded in 1951, Foskor’s Mining Division in Phalaborwa mines phosphate rock (foskorite and pyroxenite), from which Foskor’s Acid Division in Richards Bay produces phosphoric acid and phosphate-based granular fertilisers for local and international markets.

Why learning & development at Foskor?

Learning & Development is a prerequisite for improved employee performance, for career development and for organizational growth. To this effect Foskor cultivate a culture of continuous learning by providing all employees with access to learning opportunities.

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