How do I find my Synology DSM version?

How do I find my Synology DSM version?

2) via a terminal session. To find the DSM version on the web console, click on HELP > ABOUT. On older versions of GDE, the version will be on the dashboard.

What is the latest Synology DSM?

If you want to update to the latest version now, please go to Synology Download Center and manually update your DSM. DSM 7.0. 1 will restart your Synology NAS. Before updating, your Synology NAS should be running DSM 6.2 or above versions.

Is Synology DSM 7.0 stable?

DSM 7.0 was in beta for seven months before the stable build rolled out, and even during the beta, there were no glaring issues. With the stable release now available for over 40 NAS enclosures, you don’t have to worry about system stability issues.

What does DSM stand for Synology?

Synology DiskStation Manager
Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is the intuitive operating system that powers every Synology NAS. Let us organize and protect your data so you can focus on what you do best.

What version of Linux is Synology DSM?

Synology DSM is a GNU/Linux distro. It runs the exact same stuff as any other distro, including the kernel and all services and the filesystem. The only differences between building your own NAS with a good server distro like Debian ‘stable’ and running a “commercial” Synology box are: 1.

How do I Update my Synology DSM?

How do I manually update DSM?

  1. Download the . pat file from Synology Download Center to your local computer.
  2. Go to DSM Control Panel > Update & Restore > DSM Update and click Manual DSM Update.
  3. Click Browse to select the update file you downloaded.
  4. Click OK to start the update.

How do I access the DSM?

Follow the steps below to start using DSM mobile:

  1. Open your mobile web browser.
  2. In the address bar, enter the IP address of your NAS.
  3. Enter your DSM account name and password and tap Sign In.

How do I get the DSM 7?

Synology DSM 7.0: How to install

  1. Visit Synology Download Center.
  2. Select your NAS model using the drop-down menus.
  3. Change the OS Version to “7.0.”
  4. Select the DSM version you’re updating from, as well as 7.0 in the menus under the 7.0.
  5. Click on Download.
  6. Log into your NAS.

Should I Update my Synology NAS to DSM 7?

When it’s safe to upgrade That said, if you’re running a beta or RC version of DSM 7.0, you should upgrade to the official build immediately. There’s no reason not to. Also, if you’re using DSM 6.2 but don’t rely on any third-party apps, you’re probably good to go, too.

Is DSM 7 still in beta?

It has been some time since DSM has been updated with a major overhaul, but this all changed with DSM 7.0. The beta has been out since the end of 2020 and the general public will now see the update hit NAS enclosures.

Is Synology a Chinese?

Synology Inc. (Chinese: 群暉科技; pinyin: Qúnhuī Kējì) is a Taiwanese corporation that specializes in network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. Synology’s headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan, with subsidiaries located around the world.

What OS does DSM use?

Synology’s primary product is the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), a Linux-based software package that is the operating system for the DiskStation and RackStation products.

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How do I use Synology assistant and DSM?

Please select the product category and the corresponding model you use. DSM is the operating system of DS207. Synology Assistant is a desktop utility that searches for Synology servers within the local area network. It allows you to search and connect to your Synology server or set up Wake on LAN (WOL).

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