How do I find a good mechanic in my area?

How do I find a good mechanic in my area?

How to find a great car mechanic

  1. Find a shop for your brand of car. Many garages specialize in certain makes.
  2. Ask your family and friends.
  3. Search the Internet.
  4. Check for certification.
  5. Check the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Give the shop a tryout.
  7. Ask about warranties.
  8. Make sure the shop is convenient.

How do I find a good mechanic online?

Use these tips to find a mechanic that you can trust to do right by you and your car.

  1. Find Out Who Services the Big Business Fleets in Your Area.
  2. Search for a Good Mechanic Online.
  3. Choose Someone From the AAA-Approved Auto Repair Network.
  4. Look Up ASE and Manufacturer-Certified Shops.
  5. Check With the Better Business Bureau.

What is the best mechanic certification?

9 Best Auto Mechanic Certifications

  1. Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  2. Certified Auto Glass Technician (AGT)
  3. EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certification (EPA)
  4. Mechanical Inspector Certification (CMI)
  5. Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM)
  6. Auto Maintenance and Light Repair.
  7. Advanced Automotive Maintenance Certificate.

Is it cheaper to go to a dealership or mechanic?

Generally, it is cheaper to repair your car at an auto repair shop than a dealership shop. For the period your car has a warranty, it is definitely cheaper to take it to a dealership as it will be repaired for free. But afterwards, it will be cheaper to shift to an auto repair shop as long as you find a good one.

How do you know if your mechanic is scamming you?

10 Signs that Your Mechanic is Cheating You

  • The Neverending Repair.
  • The Scare Attempt.
  • Fishy Terms.
  • Cheap Spares.
  • Unnecessary Repairs.
  • Refusal to Show the Old Car Parts.
  • Straying From the Manual.
  • Bad Explanations.

How do I hire a good mechanic?

How To Hire A Mechanic – Finding Techs

  1. Job Boards. The easiest and first step should be posting a job ad on a job board.
  2. Referrals. Every mechanic knows other mechanics.
  3. Networking. This is the least favorite for most but can be helpful.
  4. Trade School.
  5. Use a Recruiting Firm.

What is the highest level of auto mechanic?

ASE’s highest recognition is the ‘Blue Seal of Excellence’ designation for auto repair centers and dealers that exhibit superior service and hire a staff that are at least 75% ASE Certified.

What is a master mechanic?

a mechanic, especially one who is thoroughly skilled, in charge of other mechanics.

Do dealership mechanics lie?

Car mechanics are notorious for lying to their customers in order to gain extra work for things that don’t really need doing or for charging extra for things if they can tell someone doesn’t really know what they are talking about. Sadly, this can lead to people spending lots of money without actually needing to.

How much should my mechanic charge me?

The going average hourly rate for a mechanic ranges from $80 to $100 an hour.

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