How do I debug Angularjs code in Visual Studio?

How do I debug Angularjs code in Visual Studio?

Debugging Angular Apps through Visual Studio Code

  1. Make sure VS Code, Google Chrome, and all the Angular parts are already installed.
  2. Install the Debugger for Chrome extension in VS Code.
  3. Create a launch.
  4. Set an appropriate config spec in the .
  5. Set breakpoints in the editor.

How do I enable JavaScript debugging in Visual Studio?

Go to Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General and turn on the setting Enable JavaScript Debugging for ASP.NET (Chrome, Edge and IE). Then once you will hit “F5”. Using above option you can now debug both JavaScript and TypeScript directly in Visual Studio when using Google Chrome or Edge as a browser.

How do you attach a process in Visual Studio 2015 for debugging?

In Visual Studio, select Debug > Attach to Process (or press Ctrl+Alt+P) to open the Attach to Process dialog box….Attach to a running process on your local machine

  1. Click Select.
  2. In the Select Code Type dialog box, select Debug these code types.
  3. Select the code types you want to debug.
  4. Select OK.

How do I debug a .JS file?

Debug JavaScript

  1. Step 1: Reproduce the bug.
  2. Step 2: Get familiar with the Sources panel UI.
  3. Step 3: Pause the code with a breakpoint.
  4. Step 4: Step through the code.
  5. Step 5: Set a line-of-code breakpoint.
  6. Step 6: Check variable values. Method 1: The Scope pane. Method 2: Watch Expressions.
  7. Step 7: Apply a fix.
  8. Next steps.

How do I run an existing AngularJS project in Visual Studio Code?

Getting Started with Node. js, Angular, and Visual Studio Code

  1. Open PowerShell in admin mode.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to make your angular app.
  3. cd into your new app directory that you just created, in this case cd my-new-angular-app.
  4. Build app and start server ng serve.
  5. Open Visual Studio Code.

How do I install Chrome debugger in Visual Studio Code?

To get started, open the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X). When the extension list appears, type ‘chrome’ to filter the list and install the Debugger for Chrome extension. You’ll then create a launch-configuration file which we explain in detail in our README right here.

How do I debug HTML in Visual Studio?

Choose Debug > Start Debugging, or press F5, to run your app in debug mode.

How do I Debug Windows Service application in Visual Studio?

Start Visual Studio with administrative credentials so you can attach to system processes. (Optional) On the Visual Studio menu bar, choose Tools, Options. In the Options dialog box, choose Debugging, Symbols, select the Microsoft Symbol Servers check box, and then choose the OK button.

How do I debug Chrome extensions?

Navigate to the chrome extensions management page at chrome://extensions and ensure developer mode is on. Click the Load Unpacked button and select the broken extension directory. After the extension is loaded, it should have three buttons: Details, Remove and Errors in red letters.

What is JavaScript debugger?

The debugger keyword is used in the code to force stop the execution of the code at a breaking point and calls the debugging function. The debugger function is executed if any debugging is needed at all else no action is performed.

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