How do I check my varistor?

How do I check my varistor?

Touch one meter probe to the free varistor lead and the other probe to the connected lead. Read the resistance on the meter. If it reads nearly infinite resistance, the varistor is still good. If it reads very low resistance, the varistor is blown.

What is the working of varistor?

Varistors are used as control or compensation elements in circuits either to provide optimal operating conditions or to protect against excessive transient voltages. When used as protection devices, they shunt the current created by the excessive voltage away from sensitive components when triggered.

What is the difference between fuse and varistor?

Unlike the fuse or circuit breaker which offers over-current protection, the varistor provides over-voltage protection by means of voltage-clamping in a similar way to the zener diode. In many ways the varistor looks similar in size and design to a capacitor and is often confused as being one.

What is the difference between surge absorber and surge diverter?

Although both surge diverter and surge absorber remove the surge, the manner in which it is done is different in the two devices. The surge diverter diverts the surge to earth, but the surge absorber absorbs the energy of a surge.

How many types of varistor are there?

There are two main types of Varistors available in market namely the silicon carbide and metal oxide Varistors. The Silicon carbide was gradually replaced by Metal oxide Varistors as the former had a considerably high amount of leakage current.

What do the numbers on a varistor mean?

k = a constant for the component. V = applied voltage. n = value for the device style. Typically for silicon carbide the value of n is between about 3 – 7, but for zinc oxide device the value can be in the region of 20 – 50 making the characteristic much sharper. Varistor characteristic.

What are arrestors?

What Is a Lightning Arrester? Lightning arresters, or surge arresters, since in this case the terms are somewhat interchangeable, are a device that is installed to protect homes, structures, and power lines from dangerous surges of power.

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