How do I change the default trace width?

How do I change the default trace width?

When you start routing a Trace it will always start by using Recommended value. To change the width, start routing and place a corner then type ‘W’ on the keyboard and enter different value for the trace width. As you continue routing this trace, it will use this new trace width value until you will change it again.

How do you change layers in Altium?

Use the Ctrl+Shift+Scroll shortcut to change layers, and the 4 shortcut key to cycle through the via size choices.

How do I connect via in Altium?

Vias are available for placement in both the PCB editor and the PCB Library editors in the following ways:

  1. Click Place » Via from the main menus.
  2. Click the button on the Wiring toolbar.
  3. Click the Via button ( ) in the drop-down on the Active Bar located at the top of the design space.

How do I reset Altium to default?

How do I reset the Altium Designer configuration to the installation defaults?

  1. Back up the Altium Designer preferences: -Open the Preferences Panel.
  2. Remove the Preferences: – Start Menu ► Control Panel ► Programs and Features.
  3. Run Altium Designer and be sure not to import your preferences if prompted at startup.

How do you change the trace width of an eagle?

select the change tool, select width option, select width number. then go and click on your track segments. first click will select the segment, and 2nd click will change the width. it works in v6.

How do I change the track angle in Altium?

3 Answers. Recent versions of Altium allow any-angle-routing. While routing, just click Shift+Space until the routing mode changes to any-angle.

What is fanout Altium?

This command is used to fanout the pads of all surface mount components in the current design that connect to both signal and power plane nets in accordance with specified fanout options and applicable design rules.

How do I select an entire track in Altium?

To select a track on one layer in Altium Designer, press TAB. To select the whole track, use 2x TAB.

How do I reinstall Altium?

From Windows Download and run the AltiumDesignerSetup>.exe file associated with the latest version of the software. Follow the installation process using the Altium Designer Installer for the new version. After agreeing to the End-User License Agreement, you will be presented with the Installation Mode page.

How do you rotate in Altium 3D?

To rotate the 3D view of the board, hold the Shift key to display the spherical rotation cursor, then click and hold the right mouse button and drag the board around to a new position. Altium Designer also supports the Space Navigator, a 3 dimensional navigation device developed specifically for 3D CAD work.

How do I change the trace width in Proteus?

You can easily increase or decrease the track width, Just go to track mode(Right hand side below package mode) and select the thickness you want. If you are not satisfied with the thickness you can make one of your own thickness.

How do I change the width of a track?

Select one track of 0.254mm right click on that track and select find similar object, in that set width to ‘same’ from drop-down menu then press OK after this PCB inspector panel will appear now you can change the width to 0.4mm. thank you electronicus and anilrock87..

Does pickup track width from existing routes override track width mode?

However, if the route commences on an existing track, then the Pickup Track Width From Existing Routes option will override the Track Width Mode and set the new width to match the existing width.

How to assign net names to track widths?

In PCB design–>rules, here select routing and right click on that one add new rule. there itself click on query Builder add net names and assign track MIN, MAx and Preferred track widths. Not open for further replies.

How do I set the routing width of a table?

The routing width fields can be set globally by defining a value in the individual width constraint fields, or individually by typing a width value directly into the table. When the Characteristic Impedance Driven Width option is enabled, the required width entries will be automatically calculated and entered for each layer in the table.

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