How do I change my homepage on Yola?

How do I change my homepage on Yola?


  1. Go to your index page. Then, go to Page> Copy.
  2. Save the copied index page under a new name.
  3. Navigate to the page you want to make your new index page and repeat step 1. Name this page index.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you want to overwrite the existing index page.

Is Yola really free?

Start with Yola for free Start building your online presence for free. As your business grows, upgrade for professional features including custom domain names, additional pages, ecommerce, premium support, and more.

Are Yola website any good?

Is Yola a good web builder? Yes, it is a good web builder for beginners and small businesses, especially if you pay for the Silver or Gold plan. It’s easy to use and comes with a wide range of e-commerce options.

Are Google websites free?

Google’s free website builder is part of Google My Business and helps customers discover you online. Although there’s no cost, free Google websites are professional-looking and offer a selection of contemporary themes. Google’s website builder is suitable for everyone, even for beginners.

What is the best website in the world?

Top Websites Ranking for all categories in the world

Rank Website Pages / Visit Average website pages viewed per visit
1 8.42
2 11.55
3 8.54
4 9.92

Can I build a website for free?

You can make a website for free, but there are catches. Free accounts on website builders hold a lot of important features back. You can’t use custom domains, and your free site will have ads for that website builder. If you’re looking to learn more about website building then the free options are worth a look.

What does Yola mean in Spanish?

Yola as a name for girls. The meaning of the name Yola is “violet flower”. Yola is an alternate spelling of Yolanda (Greek, Spanish): version of Yolande.

Is Yola any good?

Overall, Yola is a decent web builder, particularly for beginners. Like with all things, the more you pay, the more value you can get out of the service, and Yola is no different. Yola’s Silver and Gold packages come with a fairly impressive suite of features and are actually much better value than the cheaper plans. The Free plan is far too basic and the cheapest paid plan still comes with Yola site ads.

How do you delete a Yola site?

In Sitebuilder’s Website menu,click Go to dashboard.

  • In My Yola dashboard,locate the site you want to delete.
  • Click the “trash” button Delete Site.
  • What is Yola website builder?

    What Is Yola Website Builder? Yola is a website builder that allows you to create websites with ready-made templates in a few minutes. It’s a similar drag & drop website builder like Weebly or Webnode which means that you can add new items to your website by dragging them.

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