How do I cancel a TeamCity build?

How do I cancel a TeamCity build?

To stop a running build: Click Stop build link, which becomes available, while the build is in progress. In the Stop build dialog, enter your comment, and click OK.

How do you fail a TeamCity build?

You can instruct TeamCity to mark a build as failed if some of its metrics (for example, code coverage or artifacts size) have changed compared to another build. For instance, you can mark a build as failed if the code duplicates number is higher than in the previous build.

How do I cancel TeamCity agent?

To run an agent automatically on a Linux machine launch, configure a daemon process with the start command to start it and the stop command to stop it.

What is a build failure?

When builds fail, due to compilation errors, it requires programmers to take extra time and brainpower to find and fix the problem, reducing their productivity. A build was defined as “a single request from a programmer which executes one or more compiles” and deemed a failure if any compile in the build failed.

How do you trigger a build in TeamCity?

To run a custom build with specific changes, open the build results page, go to the Changes tab, expand the required change, click the Run build with this change, and proceed with the options in the Run Custom Build dialog. Use HTTP request or REST API request to TeamCity to trigger a build.

How do I restart my TeamCity agent?

Reboot Agent Machine: available to users with Reboot build agent machines permissions. Click the link and confirm the reboot action. By default, the TeamCity agent will wait until the current build finishes. Deselect the checkbox and click Reboot to restart the agent immediately.

How do I change my TeamCity build agent?

Enter the URL of TeamCity in “serverUrl” and a name and a port in the corresponding field. Beware that the name and the port must be unique. At this stage, you MUST NOT click on “Save” or your existing build agent would be overridden by the new one.

Why does a build fail?

Existing studies have identified compilation errors, failing tests, dependency errors and build configuration/environments as the most common causes of build failures (Zolfagharinia et al., 2017, Rausch et al., 2017, Zhang et al., 2019, Vassallo et al., 2017).

How do you resolve build failure?

Reduce build failures and increase build reliability

  1. Pull in help for an unexpectedly failing test.
  2. See all locally failing tests across all projects.
  3. Determine if changed dynamic dependencies broke the build.
  4. Investigate why your project does not compile on your colleague’s machine.

What is Webhook in TeamCity?

Since TeamCity 10.0 it has become possible to use commit hooks with a TeamCity server. Now, when a VCS change is detected via a commit hook, TeamCity automatically increases the VCS repository polling interval, reducing the load on both the TeamCity server and VCS repository.

What is build trigger?

A Cloud Build trigger automatically starts a build whenever you make any changes to your source code. You can configure the trigger to build your code on any changes to the source repository or only changes that match certain criteria.

What is a TeamCity build agent?

A TeamCity build agent is a piece of software which listens for the commands from the TeamCity server and starts the actual build processes. It is installed and configured separately from the TeamCity server.

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