How do I bypass my Aube thermostat?

How do I bypass my Aube thermostat?

The thermostat is preprogrammed with the following schedule:

  1. To temporarily override the current setpoint, set the desired tempera-
  2. Press the Mode button until Auto is selected.
  3. Each time you press the Pgm button, the thermostat displays one of.
  4. Set the temperature for the period using the Up or Down button.

What does AF mean on thermostat?

F: To select the F mode. In this mode, the thermostat controls the floor temperature. AF: To select the A or AF mode (default setting). NOTE: If the S2 switch is placed on AF and the floor sensor is. connected, the thermostat will operate in AF mode.

How do I set my Aube non programmable thermostat?

Selecting the Temperature Display Format

  1. Press the Up and Down buttons for three seconds. The format currently used will be indicated on the screen.
  2. Press the Up or Down button to change the format.
  3. Press the Up and Down buttons for one second (or wait for one minute) to return to the normal display.

What does the hand mean on thermostat?

manual mode
The hand symbol on the thermostat screen indicates that the timer function is off and the thermostat is in manual mode.

Should underfloor heating be left on all the time?

It is advised that in the depths of winter, an underfloor heating system should be kept on at all times. Although it should be at different temperatures depending on usage and activity in the house. This is because underfloor heating can take two to three hours to warm up, so it is best to not completely turn it off.

How do I change the time on my Aube thermostat?

  1. When you power the thermostat, the Time menu flashes on the screen. Set the.
  2. thermostat’s clock and date as follows:
  3. for 3 seconds and then pressing the Up button once.
  4. Time Menu Select the format Set the hour Set the minutes Set the year Set the month Set the date Normal display.
  5. and is now controlling the temperature!

How does a non-programmable thermostat work?

A non-programmable thermostat is your most basic option. This type of thermostat will allow you to turn on the heating or cooling system, set the temperature, and operate the system fan. Non-programmable thermostats may also be referred to as manual thermostats, as all adjustments must be made manually.

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