How do I add a camera to my Synology NAS?

How do I add a camera to my Synology NAS?

Add Cameras

  1. Go to Add > Add Camera.
  2. Select Quick Setup or Complete Setup and click Next.
  3. Select a server on which you want to install the camera and click Next.
  4. Enter the following Information settings:
  5. If you selected Quick Setup, click Finish to complete setup.
  6. Click Next to edit the following recording settings.

How does Synology surveillance work?

Briefly, Surveillance Station is an add-on function that turns your Synology NAS server into a digital video recorder (DVR) for network cameras. If you have an older server — a Synology NAS can last for a long time — you might have to use a previous release of the app, which is less capable but still very good.

How do I add a camera on a different network segment to surveillance station?

How do I add a camera on a different network segment to Surveillance Station?

  1. Go to the web UI of your camera and assign port numbers to the services.
  2. Go to the settings page of your router and create corresponding port forwarding rules.
  3. Launch IP Camera, click Add > Add Camera, and follow the wizard.

Does Arlo cameras work with Synology?

Arlo Pro2 is a closed system and you cannot use it with Synology Surveillance Station.

How do I access my DS camera remotely?

  1. Log in to Surveillance Station and go to Application Center > Mobile Apps > DS cam.
  2. Click Download to see the QR code.

How many cameras can you add to Synology?

You can use up to 2 cameras by default on Synology and if you want to use more you have to pay the price!

Will Arlo cameras work with Synology?

Why NVR Cannot detect IP camera?

If your NVR can’t discover the IP cameras, please check the following things: Confirm if the NVR has an unique IP address, if not, please manually assign an IP address to the camera. If there is only LAN available, please plug the IP camera to your computer directly, then modify your computer’s IP address to 192.168.

Does Synology NAS have PoE?

Synology makes some of the best NAS for home and best NAS for home surveillance. The company’s NAS enclosures are consistently in our top recommended collections and for good reason….Best Value Indoor: Amcrest ProHD.

Category Amcrest ProHD
Storage MicroSD
Connections Wi-Fi Ethernet AC power
Dimensions 101 x 124 mm

What camera works best Synology?

Top IP Cameras for Synology Surveillance Station

  • Hikvision Compatible Camera.
  • Amcrest Ultra HD.
  • Reolink C1 Pro.
  • Reolink Outdoor Camera.
  • Amcrest 5 MP Poe.

How do I set up a Synology IP camera?

Launch Synology Surveillance Station, click IP Camera, and Add new cameras. Step 4. Select Quick Setup and click Next. Step 5. Fill in the blanks and then click Test Connection to make sure the information you entered is correct. If the test succeeds, click Finish and wait for the camera to show up.

Which reolink cameras can I add to Synology surveillance station?

Applies to: All IP cameras ( Reolink E1 Pro& E1 Zoom are included) except for all Reolink battery-powered cameras, Reolink E1, B400, D400, B800, D800, and Reolink Lumus, and POE NVR systems You may follow the steps below to add Reolink cameras to Synology Surveillance Station.

How to add new IP cameras to reolink IP camera?

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and log into your Reolink camera or NVR, then click on to open Device Settings. Step 2. Go to Recording -> Encode and select Baseline for H.264 Profile. Step 3. Launch Synology Surveillance Station, click IP Camera, and Add new cameras.

How to set up IP camera in surveillance station?

Launch Surveillance Station and go to Main Menu > IP camera. 2. Add a camera To add a camera to Surveillance Station, choose one of the following options: If there are no connected cameras, click Add in the dialogue to activate Add Camera Wizard. In the top-left corner, click Add > Add Camera to activate Add Camera Wizard. 3. Set up the IP Camera

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