How did the lady on the Texas Giant die?

How did the lady on the Texas Giant die?

Rosa Ayala-Goana fell 75 feet after being ejected from her seat while riding the Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Friday. The ME’s office released more details in a statement on Tuesday about the incident at the amusement park that killed the 52-year-old woman.

What ride did the lady died on at Six Flags?

A woman was killed Saturday night at Six Flags Over Mid-America amusement park when she fell from the “Rail Blazer” roller coaster ride, which opened last month. The woman, identified as Stella Holcomb, 45, of Indianapolis, was riding with her husband in the last seat of the last car in the six-car train.

When did the lady die on the Texas Giant?

July 19, 2013
By the night of July 19, 2013, the ride was closed for the foreseeable future and a family was devastated. Rosa Esparza, 52, had fallen out of the Giant to her death.

When was the last time someone died at Six Flags Over Texas?

Six Flags Over Texas: Remarkably, the theme park’s flagship had recorded only one death in the 52 years leading up to Thursday. It came in 1999 as 28-year-old Valeria Cartwright of West Helena, Arkansas, rode Roaring Rapids, the not-terribly-extreme water ride featuring the circular boats that hold a dozen passengers.

Has anyone fell off a roller coaster?

Xtreme. On July 11, 2010, a 21-year-old woman from Lafayette, Louisiana fell 30 feet (9.1 m) from the roller coaster. She was taken to the hospital and later died from her injuries.

Who died at Six Flags Over Texas?

What happened at Six Flags Over Texas?

In June 2021, a 16-year-old high school student was shot and killed at the parking lot of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. In March 2021, police said a fight had broken out between two teens in the parking lot and that one of them was shot in the arm.

Has anyone ever died on a roller coaster?

Approximately four deaths annually in the United States are associated with roller coasters. Although traumatic injuries resulting in the deaths of roller coaster patrons tend to receive the most media attention, they only represent one quarter of all fatalities.

How many people died at Six Flags Dallas?

Who was the woman who died on the Texas Giant roller coaster?

Six Flags Over Texas theme park in Arlington confirmed that a woman died while riding the Texas Giant roller coaster on Friday. Police records show that the incident occurred just after 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, family members identified the victim as Rosy Esparza.

What happened to the woman who died at Six Flags over Texas?

A 28-year-old woman died and 10 other people were injured on the Roaring Rapids ride at Six Flags Over Texas in 1999 when their raft overturned in two to three feet of water. The woman was trapped in the ride and drowned. NBC 5 DFW’s Omar Villafranca and Julie Fine contributed to this report. Copyright AP – Associated Press

What is the steepest roller coaster at Six Flags?

A woman died Friday at Six Flags Over Texas near Dallas while riding the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, the park confirmed Friday night. The Texas Giant, a 14-story-high, 4,900-feet-long roller coaster that is among the premiere attractions at the park in Arlington, Texas, was closed, the park said in a statement.

What happened to the Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas?

“I was sick to my stomach with anxiety,” Leslye Barnes. Six Flags Over Texas completed a major overhaul of the Texas Giant two years ago. The $10 million renovation added a steel track to the wooden roller coaster and made the ride higher and faster.

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