How did the Joro spider get to the US?

How did the Joro spider get to the US?

The Joro spider—Trichonephila clavate—is a colorful species native to Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. It was first identified in Georgia in 2014, after likely hitching a ride on a shipping container and ending up on I-85 in Georgia, reports Ben Turner for Live Science.

How did the Joro spider get to Georgia?

The Joro spider was first spotted in Hoschton, Georgia, in 2013, when the species is believed to have arrived in a shipping container from Japan or China. Since then, the spider has firmly established a new habitat in Georgia.

Where are Joro Spiders now?

Joro spiders, or Trichonephila clavata, are common in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

What kills joros?

The only way you should be concerned is if you are allergic to their venom. How do I get rid of Joro Spiders? The easiest way to eliminate this type of spider is to kill them with direct contact, though some people prefer insecticide. Still, using insecticide can kill other insects in the area.

Is Joro spider poisonous?

Joro spiders are venomous. However, they are not lethal to humans. Arachnophobes and a few non-arachnophobes might not like seeing a Joro dangling from their ceiling. The spider’s bright color schemes only highlight their size.

Are Joro spiders poisonous to dogs?

Although they may look big and scary, Johnasson said Joro spiders are not dangerous to people or pets.

Can Joro spiders harm humans?

How long does the Joro spider live?

one year
Both have a life span of just one year and are usually spotted in the autumn. But perhaps the most defining characteristic of the Joro spider is its web. An “orb weaver” spider, they spin highly symmetrical and circular webs.

Are Joro spiders a problem?

Joro spiders are not harmful. But don’t worry; they’re not harmful to people, says Richard Hoebeke, associate curator of the arthropod collection at University of Georgia’s Museum of Natural History and researcher in the university’s entomology department.

Do Joro spiders bite humans?

The Joro spider has a venom it uses to subdue prey, usually small bugs. The Joro will bite if threatened but the only real risk from the bite is if the attacked has an allergic reaction. The bite itself poses no danger to humans or even their household pets.

What to do if you see a Joro spider?

Should you kill Joro spiders if you see them? Although their size and color may be alarming, Joro spiders aren’t dangerous and do not need to be killed. Hiring an exterminator will not alleviate your property, as Joros have such a large population.

What do Joro spider webs look like?

The Joro — Trichonephila clavata — is part of a group of spiders known as orb weavers for their highly organized, wheel-shaped webs. Common in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, Joro females have colorful yellow, blue and red markings on their bodies.

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