How can I watch the Cavs scrimmage game?

How can I watch the Cavs scrimmage game?

The scrimmage will also be covered live Live coverage will also be provided on, the team’s YouTube page and on the Cavs app.

Is the Cleveland Cavaliers game Cancelled tonight?

Tonight’s Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks game has been postponed in accordance with the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocols.

Did the Cleveland Cavaliers change their colors?

It’s sleaves and neckline are highlighted with a deep-red, white and yellow checkered pattern, highlighting the classic Cavalier color scheme from the 70s. The new jerseys and court design were highlighted in a brand new hype-video, which will air before every Cavs game for fans inside the arena during home games.

Who is 14 on the Cavs?

M. Newman
All Players

NO Player DOB (AGE)
14 M. Newman 2/21/1997 (24)
35 I. Okoro Cavaliers’ Isaac Okoro: Back in starting five, scores 15 Isaac Okoro Cavaliers’ Isaac Okoro: Back in starting five, scores 15 1/26/2001 (20)
16 C. Osman 4/8/1995 (26)
6 K. Pangos 1/26/1993 (28)

Why is Cavs postponed?

Cleveland Cavaliers game against Atlanta Hawks postponed; five Cavs tested positive for COVID-19. The NBA has postponed Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks, the league announced. Cleveland’s shortage of players precipitated the postponement, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

What place are the Cleveland Cavaliers in?


1 Heat 21-12
2 Bulls 22-13
3 Bucks 21-16
4 Cavaliers 19-11

What are the Cleveland Cavaliers colors?

Navy BlueGoldWine
Cleveland Cavaliers/Colors

Who is the man in Boston Celtics logo?

The world-famous leprechaun figure that has served as the Celtics logo for over 65 years. The leprechaun was originally created by Red Auerbach’s brother Zang, the leprechaun has evolved to a Boston looking human leprechaun.

How tall is Evan Mobley?

6′ 11″
Evan Mobley/Height

Is tonight’s Blackhawks game Cancelled?

OFFICIAL: Tonight’s game has been postponed.

What are the Cavs colors?

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