How can I go to Shirdi from Bangalore?

How can I go to Shirdi from Bangalore?

The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Shirdi is flight to Pune Airport, then cab to Shirdi and takes 4h 48m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Shirdi is bus to Shirdi and takes 17h 0m. Buses from SRS Travels , VRL Travels, Seabird Tourists etc. Flights from Go Air, Spicejet, AirAsia etc.

Does Bangalore have direct Train to Shirdi?

MYS Snsi Express is the only train that runs directly from Bangalore Cy Jn to Sainagar Shirdi. Guntakal Jn, Yelhanka Jn and Dharmavaram Jn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.

How can I go to Shirdi from Bangalore Quora?

First is, take a direct train from Bangalore to Kopargaon. From Kopargaon it is 18kms to Shirdi. You get buses from there. Secondly, you can take a flight from Bangalore to Pune and then proceed to Shirdi by train or bus.It is approximately 240kms.

What is the route of Shirdi?

There are many ways to reach Shirdi. Shirdi is 35 Kms from Pangri, 56 Kms from Sinnar, 86 Kms from Ahmednagar, 216 Kms from Nasik, 188 Kms from Pune, 233 Kms from Vashi and 238 Kms from Mumbai and is very well connected through Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) and some private travel services.

What is the cost of Train ticket from Bangalore to Shirdi?

Bengaluru to Sainagar Shirdi train Fare Fare for trains from Bengaluru to Sainagar Shirdi is Rs 340 in Second Seater (2S), Rs 1225 in Chair Car (CC), Rs 3695 in First AC (1A), Rs 1965 in Second AC (2A), Rs 525 in Sleeper (SL), Rs 300 in None (GN) and Rs 1380 in Third AC (3A) in general quota.

How can I go to Shirdi from Bangalore by train?

Popular Train routes to Shirdi The fastest train to Shirdi from Bengaluru is 22601 Shirdi Express. From Bengaluru, the train takes 20hr 10min hours to reach Shirdi. The train starts at 15:20:00 from Bengaluru YPR and reaches Shirdi SNSI at 11:30:00. 22601 Shirdi Express operates on Wed.

How much is the train fare Bangalore to Shirdi?

What is best time to visit Shirdi temple?

December to February: Winters are the best time to visit Shirdi as the weather is pleasant and is a great time to enjoy your pilgrimage and sightseeing in Shirdi. The average temperature during this time of the year falls between 8 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.

Do we have airport in Shirdi?

Shirdi Airport is situated in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, and it operates under the Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd (MADC). President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the Shirdi Airport on 2nd October, 2017. The airport was built with the intention to make air travel easier for the many pilgrims visiting Shirdi.

Is there free darshan in Shirdi?

Pilgrims can now visit any of the trust properties such as Bhakta Nivas. Reach the booking counter which is operational 24 x 7 and offer for biometric registration. Obtain “Free Darshan Access Card” without any payment and absolutely free of cost. The facility is also available at Gate No.

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