How can I go to Jog falls from Bangalore?

How can I go to Jog falls from Bangalore?

The most convenient and budget friendly way to reach Jog falls is via train. The nearest railway station for Jog Falls is Talguppa station which is around 14 kilometres from the falls. There are regular trains plying between Bangalore and Talguppa station. The journey takes around 8-8.5 hours.

Can we play in Jog Falls?

The Sharavati river takes a plunge from a height of 830 ft and the place attracts lakhs of visitors every year. Visitors are allowed to enter the place between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The entry fee is ₹10 per visitor.

How do you get to Jog Falls by train?

By Train. Shimoga is the nearest railway station. It is located about 101 km from Jog Falls. Trains from Bengaluru, Mysore, Chennai, Vasco do halt at the station.

Where is jog fall situated?

Sagara taluk Shivamogga district
Joga Falls is the second highest plunge waterfall in India located in Sagara taluk Shivamogga district. It is a segmented waterfall which, depending on rain and season, becomes a plunge waterfall. The falls are a major tourist attraction and is ranked 13th in the world by the waterfall database.

Which month is best for Jog Falls?

The months of June till September witness heavy rainfall in the region. The monsoon season is the best season to visit Jog falls, as the beauty of the place is enhanced during monsoons. The summer season begins in the month of March and continues till May.

Why is Shimoga famous?

Shimoga is a very popular tourist destination in Karnataka and a storehouse of beautiful things. This town is famous for handicrafts, rosewood carvings, sandalwood, sarees with Kasuri work, and wooden toys made of lacquer. The jewelry here is famous and you can find it on every street.

Is jog waterfall open?

The world famous Jog falls in Karnataka opened for public viewing from Monday, the state government announced. The visitors are allowed to visit the site in Sagar taluk of Shivamogga district from 10am to 5pm, the government order said.

What is the new name of Jog waterfalls?

The correct answer is Mahatma Gandhi Waterfall. Jog or Gerosoppa waterfall was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Waterfall. It is the second-highest plunge waterfall (253 meters) in India situated in Sagara taluk, Shivamogga district in Karnataka.

Can we take bath in Jog Falls?

Note: If you wish to get down to the Falls to take a Bath… Better Enquire about the Flow and visitor allowance.. This is one of the best falls of our country. this place should visited during monsoon preferably during aug to october when u can get slide show of clouds covering n clearing the falls.

What is plunge waterfall?

PLUNGE. A waterfall in which water drops at an entirely vertical angle. Water flows over a broad ledge, usually an overhanging one, into a pool without making contact with the underlying rock during its descent.

Which month is best for Jog falls?

Which city is known as City of Waterfalls?


Nickname(s): City of Waterfalls
Ranchi Location in Jharkhand Show map of Jharkhand Show map of India Show all
Coordinates:23.36°N 85.33°ECoordinates:23.36°N 85.33°E
Country India

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