How can I get NHIF E-slip?

How can I get NHIF E-slip?

Go to the M-PESA menu and click on Lipa na M-PESA then Paybill. Enter 200222 as the business number. For account details – enter the generated E-Slip number/by-product number as the account number.

How do I pay NHIF with E-slip via M-PESA?

The following steps will help you on how to pay NHIF via Mpesa:

  1. Open your SIM Tool Kit and go to Mpesa Menu.
  2. Go to Lipa Mpesa.
  3. Select Paybill and enter 200222 as the business/pay bill number.
  4. Enter your National ID number as your account number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay.

Can NHIF be pay through M-PESA?

Two of the ways you can pay your monthly NHIF subscriptions is by MPESA or through the bank. If you are SELF-EMPLOYED, you can pay using our MPESA paybill number 200222. Select Account no and enter contributor’s National ID Number. …

How do I log into my NHIF account?


  1. Login to via USSD then select support.
  2. Login to via Mobile App then select support.
  3. Call 8888 Toll Free.

How can I fill NHIF online?

Online application

  1. Select Employed or self- employed.
  2. Employee application form will load.
  3. Fill the form details.
  4. Attach copy of identity (ID) card, passport photo, and marriage certificate if you are married.
  5. Click save and submit.
  6. You will receive an SMS to your number about the status.

How can I register for NHIF online?

How to register for NHIF online

  1. Go to: NHIF registration portal.
  2. Click Self Employed.
  3. Enter your National ID/Passport/Alien ID.
  4. Fill in all other form fields.
  5. Attach a Scanned Copy of Your ID or passport.
  6. Attach Passport size Photo.
  7. If married, attach your spouse’s Marriage Certificate.
  8. Click to Confirm.

How can I pay NHIF online?

How to pay NHIF contributions via MPESA PayBill (self-employed)

  1. Click Mpesa option in your safaricom sim tool kit.
  2. Then click Lipa na Mpesa.
  3. Select PayBill option.
  4. Enter Business no.
  5. Enter Account no.
  6. Enter amount Type in the amount you wish to contribute.
  7. Enter pin Type in your M-pesa Pin.

How can I pay NHIF through bank?

Select Pay Bill. Type NHIF Business Number 200222. Type your National ID card Number as the Account Number. Type the amount you want to pay then press okay.

How do I pay NHIF via M-PESA 2021?

How to Pay NHIF Penalty via Mpesa

  1. Go to your Mpesa Menu.
  2. Click on Lipa Na Mpesa.
  3. Select Paybill Option.
  4. Enter Business Number(200222)
  5. Enter your National ID number as the account number and add the letter “y”, for instance, 34566732y.
  6. Enter the amount to contribute.
  7. Input your Mpesa pin number and send.

How can I check my NHIF details online?

So, how do I check my NHIF account?

  1. Go to the NHIF official website here,
  2. Sign up to the self-service portal.
  3. You are required to register in case of a newcomer.
  4. If you are registering for the first time, ensure that you have the NHIF number, email address, and your phone number.

How do I create an NHIF account online?

How to register for the NHIF online self-service

  1. Open the NHIF self-service portal on your browser.
  2. Click on the create account tab.
  3. Choose individual member registration.
  4. Fill in your personal details including your name, National ID No, email, and mobile number.

Can I apply for NHIF at Huduma Center?

You can register for the National Hospital Insurance Funds both online and offline through self-registration or visiting Huduma centre. A Kenyan resident who has attained 18 years and earns more than KES 1,000 a month and KES 12,000 per year are eligible for NHIF membership.

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