How can I get free load in Globe and TM?

How can I get free load in Globe and TM?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Register to eligible promos. Choose a corresponding promo that has your desired freebie from the list above.
  2. Wait for the confirmation text. The message will give you instructions on how to claim your freebies from Globe.
  3. Text the corresponding keywords to 8080.
  4. Enjoy!

How do I claim my free load on TNT?

To redeem rewards, simply text REDEEMKEYWORD to 9800. Example (please refer to the table below): REDEEM R1 to 9800.

How can I get Globe load?

After creating your account, select “Buy Load.” You can also dial *143#, choose GCash and select “Buy Load.” Another convenient way is to text LOAD and send it to 2882. To send load to another prepaid number, just send LOAD and send to 2882+10 digit number. Try call cards.

How can I get 50 free pesos?

Get Free Load From GCash GCash will give you ₱50 if you sign up through this link. After activating your GCash account, you will receive the amount in your wallet, which you can then use to buy prepaid load for Globe, Smart, TNT, TM and Sun. Take note that you will only earn the ₱50 if you sign up using this link.

How can I borrow 50 pesos in Globe?

The easiest way to borrow load from Globe is to text LOAN and send it to 3733. For example, to borrow the GoSurf50 promo, text LOAN GOSURF50 and send it to 3733. You will receive a text confirmation if the loan is granted.

How do I redeem my GigaPoints in TNT 2021?

How do I redeem rewards using my GigaPoints? You can redeem a variety of Smart and TNT promos which includes GIGA plus many more items being added regularly. Redemption is only through the GigaLife App. Simply visit the Redeem Rewards section in the app and choose your reward.

How do I Utang load TNT?

Utang Load TNT: How to Borrow Load from TNT for Calls, Text, and…

  1. To borrow 4 SMS texts to Smart/TNT valid for 1 day, dial *767.
  2. To borrow 9 SMS texts to Smart/TNT valid for 1 day, text SAKLOLOAD BIG7 to 7676.
  3. To borrow 5 Texts to ALL Networks valid for 1 day, dial *7572.

How send load from TM to TM?

How to Pasaload a Globe or TM Promo. To share a Globe or TM promo, text the promo keyword to 2 + 10-digit number of the recipient (replace the prefix “0” with “2”). Wait for the confirmation message and reply YES to proceed with the pasaload transaction.

How do you buy TM loads?

TM Load FAQs

  1. 1: I-dial ang *143#.
  2. 2: Piliin ang “Load Call Card” at pindutin ang OK.
  3. 3: I-type ang 10-digit call and text card number at pindutin ang OK.
  4. 4: I-type ang 6-digit PIN at pindutin ang OK.
  5. 1: Mag-register sa iyong account.
  6. 2: Buksan ang app at piliin ang “Buy load.”

How do I claim 50 pesos in GCash?

Once you register to a participating promo, you’ll receive a message with a link to claim your free GCash QR voucher. Click on the link, enter your mobile number and click Claim. Then, click the P50 QR voucher and click Use Now. The voucher will automatically be stored in the Voucher Pocket in your GCash app.

How do I get my free Shopee 50 load?

How to get free load from Shopee

  1. Open the Shopee app and go to the “Load Bills & eServices” page.
  2. Choose “Mobile load” as a top-up method.
  3. Choose your Telco provider.
  4. Enter your Mobile number and select Php 50 as the load amount.
  5. Tap Checkout to continue.

How can I borrow 90 loan from Globe?

You can borrow load from anywhere, especially when you need it most. Just dial *143# and choose LOANS to see what’s available to you. The amount borrowed (with a fixed service fee) will be deducted from you on your next reload.”

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