How are the rows numbered at American Airlines Center?

How are the rows numbered at American Airlines Center?

100-level sections, rows and seats at American Airlines Center. Lower-level rows run from AA to Z. Rows AA to KK are at the front of the section, with row A anywhere from the 4th to the 12th row.

Where should I sit at American Airlines Center?

Best Seats For a Concert at American Airlines Center On the Floor: Sections Floor 10, Floor 11, Floor 12 and Floor 13 are Floor Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers.

Where do Bulls sit at United Center?

The Chicago Bulls home bench is located in front of section 102. This section is the perfect spot to watch Bulls players as they come on and off the court. The visiting sideline is located in front of section 121. Fans of the opposing team will find comfort in sitting close to their team in this section.

What is plaza level at American Airlines Center?

The lower bowl of American Airlines Center is called the Plaza Level. This is usually the first place fans look for tickets when attending a Mavs or Stars game.

How many rows does American Airlines have?

Floor sections typically have rows 1-24 with up to 14 seats per row. However a couple of rows at the front may have up to 48 seats. 100s sections have rows 1-37 with up to 32 seats.

What is platinum preferred level at American Airlines Center?

Platinum Preferred Seating Sections 208-211 and 216-219 are considered Platinum Preferred section. The only added benefit to these seats are their spectacular views to the court, rink, or stage. For sporting events, these sideline locations mixed with the elevated height of the level make for an ideal views.

How wide are the seats at American Airlines Center?

between approximately 17” to 22”
Seats at American Airlines Center vary in size. Seats will be between approximately 17” to 22” in width. If you need special accommodations, please contact the Box Office at [email protected]

Does Mark Cuban own the American Airlines Center?

On March 18, 1999, American Airlines (AA) announced that it would be acquiring the naming rights for the arena for US$195 million. The Mavericks’ lease on the AAC runs through to 2031, and once it runs out owner Mark Cuban has considered a new arena to replace the AAC.

What is the Admiral Suite at American Airlines Center?

Admiral Suites are built to give extra comfort. They come with a refrigerator, high-class furniture, and seating. The Admiral suites also provide you with all the platinum level amenities. However, the Admiral Suite seating is on the highest level of suite seating, and so they are elevated above the action.

How much are Bulls courtside?

Anyway, a courtside seat at a Bulls home game at the United Center would cost at least $1,000, despite their mediocre last couple of years.

How much are Bulls skybox tickets?

Pricing: All-inclusive starting at $5,000-$7,850 for special events. All-inclusive starting at $4,850-$7,850 for Bulls and Blackhawks games. Pricing varies based upon event and availability.

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