Essay On Locations Of Worship

College students will go to and write about their observations at three locations of worship, evaluating and contrasting the providers based mostly on the standards outlined. You will want to decide on a service from religions or spiritualities with which you aren’t acquainted – overlaying one Abrahamic, one Asian and one different service or ritual, both from a up to date or new non secular motion or a service, ritual or apply representing totally different modes of transcendence or the secular sacred for instance, e.g. martial arts, yoga, meditation.

The duty is to watch the service, the congregation/ individuals and pay attention to the best way the service is performed. The rules for this course of are. Notice: you have to at the least 8-10 tutorial references in your paper – and definitely extra when you want them. Intention to make use of the supporting proof you want, not write to the minimal variety of sources. And keep in mind don’t cite sources on the finish of each sentence. Your locations of worship essay have to be your individual phrases and your individual concepts.


On this essay, I’ve taken the instances of Islam, Hinduism, and Yoga that’s practised in Brisbane. Maintaining with the cultural context of Australia, Brisbane additionally has a various inhabitants group, whereby nearly 30% of the individuals have been born abroad, whereas 2% have been of indigenous origin. A number of cultural, ethnic and spiritual teams will be discovered within the largest metropolis of Queensland the place it has given a house to many individuals. Islam, Hinduism, and Yoga are small communities within the metropolis, however kind important ethnic teams and are given some type of decision-making energy in Brisbane (Howe, L., 1984).

As a matter of reality, faith performs an important half within the lives of people, as many students have identified it to be an necessary social order within the society. As Max Weber identified in his well-known work of Protestant Ethic and the rise of Capitalism, that faith had an important position in shaping up the human lives. Folks discovered the motivation of producing revenue and enhancing their life-style due to faith. They have been of the opinion that it was the need of God, and God chooses specific individuals to make cash, maximise their revenue and obtain a greater life-style. This mass opinion of individuals led to the formation of capitalism, whereby individuals grew to become energetic and focussed on their work. This grew to become an important and noticeable occasion within the lives of human historical past. Earlier than such beliefs, individuals didn’t concentrate on their work however solely preaching and following their religion. Nevertheless, after the notions of ‘will of God’ and the ‘chosen one’, individuals began to take their lives and work extra severely. This main occasion additionally led to the event of Catholics and Protestants in Christianity. Equally, earlier than governments have been fashioned and social order was managed by legal guidelines it was faith earlier that took management of the society. Folks have been segregated in accordance with their faith and beliefs and have been managed by the prophets or leaders of their non secular communities. Due to this fact, it’s not flawed to say that since societies and communities developed, faith and religion has turn out to be an indispensable want for human existence (Weber, M., 2012).

Additional, aside from the optimistic points that faith has led to and formed the human societies, it has additionally been a explanation for adverse affect. With so many various non secular orders on the earth, present peacefully collectively appears unimaginable now. There are non secular conflicts in each a part of the world, and many of the international locations are divided within the context of their religions. The formation of terrorist teams reminiscent of ISIS, the breaking down of world commerce centre and several other different wars have all been contributed by the non secular beliefs of individuals. In accordance with Kurtz, the non secular conflicts have maximised a lot that it’s being more and more troublesome to co- exist with one another. He additionally factors out the position of sociology in understanding the state of a non secular life-style within the globalised period.

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