Does Revo still make glass lenses?

Does Revo still make glass lenses?

Now, the crystal lens is back featuring an innovative new process that encapsulates Revo’s signature NASA lens technology within two layers of glass for unparalleled polarized protection. …

Can you replace Revo lenses?

It’s simple: when you buy Revo Care+, we’ll replace your damaged or lost item for a small fee* on one occasion within two years from the date of purchase. No questions asked.

Who makes Revo sunglasses?

Sequential Brands Group
Sequential Brands Group has acquired the Revo eyewear brand from Oakley, which is owned by the Luxottica Group, for $20 million in cash.

Is Revo a good brand sunglasses?

They’re huge sunglasses but they fit really well, they’re also very comfortable and there’s no hint of eyestrain when they’re on. I can actually feel my eyes/eyelids relax when I’m wearing them. I also think they cut glare better than my maui jim’s, especially on the water (fresh water lake).

How can you tell if sunglasses are Revo?

New Revo sunglasses featuring polarized lenses feature the word Polarized etched on the right lense. Check that the letters have sharp clean edges. The inside right temple arm of Revo sunglasses usually features a Made in USA, frame dimensions, followed by CE signifying European Conformity.

Do Revo sunglasses come with a case?

Revo Maxie RE1080 Sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and protective carrying case.

Where are Revo sunglasses made?

Your Revo Sunglasses are proudly made in Italy, the USA, and Mauritius, and all of our prescription sunglasses and lens repairs are processed at our state- of-the-art prescription lab in the USA.

How do I return or replace my Revo Sunglasses?

The Revo customer service representative will determine if your sunglasses are covered by the warranty or if you will have to pay a service fee to repair or replace the sunglasses. The customer service representative will give you a return authorization number (RMA) and let you know the cost for any repair not covered by the warranty.

What is Revo’s warranty program?

Revo will repair or replace defects in material or workmanship through this warranty program. If you have damaged or broken Revo sunglasses that are not covered by Revo’s warranty, Revo will repair or replace the sunglasses for an assessed fee.

How do I send a package to Revo for repairs?

Prepare a letter for the package that includes your name, return address and telephone number. Place the letter and a copy of the proof of purchase or purchase receipt inside the box and also include a check made payable to Revo for any repairs not covered by Revo’s warranty.

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