Does Perfect Dark Zero have local co-op?

Does Perfect Dark Zero have local co-op?

Max out replayability with single-player, four-player splitscreen, co-op, and other multiplayer options.

Is Perfect Dark co-op?

A first-person shooter that mixes spy and sci-fi, Perfect Dark is both a thoroughly engrossing one-player experience and a riotously fun multiplayer romp. Cooperative and counteroperative simultaneous-play modes allow for another player to join in on a mission as, respectively, a teammate or the enemy.

Is Perfect Dark splitscreen?

Perfect Dark features a multiplayer mode where up to four players and eight computer-controlled bots can compete against each other in different arenas. A split-screen is used for multiple players.

Is Perfect Dark Zero an Xbox 360 exclusive?

Joanna Dark returns in the Xbox 360-exclusive Perfect Dark Zero, the prequel to the international award-winning and multimillion-selling first-person shooter Perfect Dark from famed game developer Rare Ltd. A secret war has begun between shadowy corporations bent on world domination.

Which Perfect Dark is first?

Perfect Dark is a science-fiction video game series created by Rare and owned by Xbox Game Studios….Perfect Dark (series)

Perfect Dark
Publisher(s) Rare, Xbox Game Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo 64 Game Boy Color Xbox 360
First release Perfect Dark (N64) 22 May 2000
Latest release Perfect Dark (X360) 17 March 2010

What year is Perfect Dark set in?

The Perfect Dark series debuted in 2000 with the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter Perfect Dark. Set in 2023, the game follows Joanna Dark, an agent of the Carrington Institute agency, as she attempts to stop a conspiracy by rival corporation dataDyne that involve extraterrestrial life and technology.

Is Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360?

Perfect Dark Zero is an Xbox 360 exclusive launch title developed by Rare. It is a prequel to Perfect Dark released back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. You play the role of Joanna Dark, a promising bounty hunter in training. I have implemented a search system, I suggest that you use it.

When did perfectperfect Dark Zero come out?

Perfect Dark Zero was released on November 18 th, 2005, to coincide with the launch of the Xbox 360. It has sold well over one million copies and was the first game to be re-released under the “Platinum Hits” title.

How do you play Perfect Dark Zero multiplayer?

“Perfect” is his one word response. Multiplayer in Perfect Dark Zero can be played via split-screen, system link, or Xbox Live. Up to 32 players may participate in multiplayer. Player’s statistics and ranking can be tracked when played in ranked matches.

How many gamer points can you get from Perfect Dark Zero?

You can acquire a grand total of 1000 gamer points from Perfect Dark Zero. If you plan to earn all of these achievements, then expect to be playing this game for a long, long time.

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