Does Peniel have to enlist?

Does Peniel have to enlist?

Hyunsik, Sungjae and Ilhoon, have enlisted for the mandatory service in 2020. All the members of the group BTOB have either completed the service or enlisted. Peniel does not have to serve in the military due to his American citizenship as per a report in Soompi.

Why did BTOB members leave?

On December 31, 2020, Cube Entertainment announced that Ilhoon will leave BtoB after being investigated for using marijuana. He was under investigation from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for purchasing and using marijuana over the past 4–5 years, and was also charged for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Who left BTOB?

Jung left K-pop boyband BtoB shortly after news of the investigation broke and later enlisted into the South Korean military in May 2020.

Does BtoB Peniel need to enlist?

BtoB 4U’s other rapper, Peniel, who has US citizenship, does not have to undertake military service.

What is Zico doing now?

The 68-year-old former attacking midfielder is currently the technical director of the Antlers, a team he has both played for and managed, and who compete in the country’s top-flight J League.

Which BTOB member went to jail?

Jung Il-hoon
Jung Il-hoon, a former member of K-pop boy group BTOB, has been given a suspended jail term for using marijuana. On December 16 the Seoul High Court sentenced Jung, 27, to two years in jail, suspended for three years, overturning a lower court decision that put him behind bars for two years.

Is BTOB still popular?

They’re just not being love by fans but general public love and listen to their songs , many of their songs is hit and stay in the chart for a long time. So the thing is , they are not popular internationally like other boygroups , but BTOB is the top3 boygroups in korea which is in the top 3 including EXO and BTS.

Is Peniel exempted from military?

BtoB 4U’s other rapper, Peniel, who has US citizenship, does not have to undertake military service. During the showcase, BtoB 4U performed the moombahton-tinged lead track Show Your Love. Throughout the appearance the quartet’s singing was big and clear, and their dance movements powerful yet organised.

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