Does Patrick Stewart have a daughter?

Does Patrick Stewart have a daughter?

Sophie Alexandra Stewart
Patrick Stewart/Daughters

How old is Daniel Stewart?

About 55 years (1967)
Daniel Stewart/Age

Is Kristen Stewart related to Patrick Stewart?

LONDON – A furious and obviously upset Patrick Stewart today disowned his daughter Kristen Stewart, following her scandalous behavior. Now her father Patrick Stewart has added his voice of condemnation.

Does Patrick Stewart have a son?

Daniel Stewart
Patrick Stewart/Sons

What age is Gates Mcfadden?

72 years (March 2, 1949)
Gates McFadden/Age

How tall is Patrick Stewart?

5′ 10″
Patrick Stewart/Height

Is Daniel Stewart related to Patrick Stewart?

Daniel Stewart (born 1967) is the actor who played Batai in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode “The Inner Light” in 1992. He is the son of Patrick Stewart, who also played his on-screen father Kamin in this episode. Stewart received special thanks in the end credits of the 2011 Star Trek documentary The Captains.

Daniel Stewart was born in 1967 in England. He is an actor, known for Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), Space: Above and Beyond (1995) and The Program (2015). See full bio » Did You Know? The IMDb staff picks their favorites movies and shows of 2021.

How old is Patrick Stewart?

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English actor whose work has included roles on stage, television, and film in a career spanning six decades.

What episode of Star Trek is Daniel Stewart in?

Daniel is a television actor, and has appeared alongside his father in the 1993 made-for-television film Death Train, and in the 1992 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”, playing his son. In 1997, Stewart became engaged to Wendy Neuss, one of the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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