Does Matriarch Benezia have to die?

Does Matriarch Benezia have to die?

Fortunately, Benezia is on her own for the final phase, so avoid her biotic attacks and lay your own at her to bring her down: it’s time for Benezia to die. Even though she’s seen the light, she knows she can’t escape Saren’s mind control as long as he’s still alive.

Where is Matriarch Benezia on Noveria?

Matriarch Benezia. Benezia will be in the lab. After a short talk you’ll need to fight her. She will be hidden behind a barrier, so there will be no point attacking her directly.

How old is Matriarch Benezia?

Matriarch Benezia was a powerful Asari Biotic. She was very well respected by her people and even had cult of followers. Being a Matriarch means Benezia must have lived for nearly 1000 years.

Can you save Captain Ventralis?

Now if you go to the hot labs next and come back you find that Captain Ventralis is working for Benezia and has had all the scientists, except Han Olar, killed. If you break through the back door security the mercs turn hostile and you can kill them. The scientists are terrified but they won’t be killed by Ventralis.

Is Saren controlling Benezia?

After fighting geth, rachni and Benezia’s commandos, the squad finds her waiting for them in the labs beside the Rachni Queen. Finally, Benezia, who has used her incredible mental strength to keep a part of her mind free of from indoctrination, manages to break from Saren’s control very briefly.

Where is Matriarch Benezia daughter?

Before you leave the Citadel, Captain Anderson will mention that Benezia’s daughter, Liara is located somewhere on the Artemis Tau cluster and that she could provide valuable information about her mother. You’ll eventually find her on the planet Therum in an old Prothean dig-site.

Who is Liara’s father?

Matriarch Aethyta
Who Is Liara’s Father in Mass Effect 3? Answered. In Mass Effect 3, it can be discovered that the Asari Matriarch Aethyta is Liara’s father. Matriarch Aethyta can first be encountered working at the bar on Illium in Mass Effect 2.

What happens if you let the Rachni Queen live?

Players can choose to let the Rachni Queen go free or kill her. If players choose to spare the Rachni Queen, she’ll flee to the wilderness of Noveria and promise Shepard that her children will remember the kindness shown to her by the Commander. If players decide to kill her, the Rachni Queen will plead with Shepard.

Where is Noveria in Mass Effect?

Go to Noveria in the Pax system, of the Horse Head Nebula cluster. Noveria is a private world outside of Citadel Space.

Who is Liaras mother?

Matriarch Benezia
Matriarch Benezia is a skillful biotic user of the Asari race. She is this spiritual leader of her people. She is the Mother of Liara T’Soni, Benezia was working with Saren Arterius against the galaxy and was responsible for the attacks that occured on Eden Prime in Mass Effect 1.

How old is matriarch Aethyta?

about a hundred years old
During this time Aethyta was about a hundred years old and an exotic dancer. For the rest of her lifespan, she had many mates, including a turian, elcor, and a hanar.

Who is Matriarch Benezia in Mass Effect?

Matriarch Benezia is one of the first boss fights of Mass Effect. She summons three waves of Geth and Asari Commandos that Shepard must defeat. Matriarch Benezia is one of the first boss fights of Mass Effect. Shepard and their squad encounter Matriarch Benezia on Noveria while investigating her on Peak 15 and attempting to thwart Saren’s plans.

Where is Matriarch Benezia on peak 15?

You’ll learn from your first talk with Gianna Parasini that Matriarch Benezia is on Peak 15 on behalf of Saren. The first part of this sprawling mission entails getting a garage pass in order to leave Port Hanshan and reach her. See Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan and/or Noveria: Lorik Qui’in for details.

What does Matriarch Benezia say to Liara?

“You do not know the privilege of being a mother. There is power in creation. To shape a life… turn it toward happiness or despair….” Matriarch Benezia is a very powerful asari biotic and spiritual leader among her people. She is also Liara T’Soni ‘s mother, though the two have not spoken in years.

How does Matriarch Benezia’s barrier ability work?

Because of Matriarch Benezia’s barrier ability, players can’t do any damage to her until her three waves of minions have been dealt with. However, players who get too close to Benezia will still feel the full effect of her biotic abilities.

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