Does Logitech G hub support g13?

Does Logitech G hub support g13?

I’ve been in contact with Logitech customer service and they confirmed that G HUB does not support the G13, but they’ll “pass it on.” I bought this thing because Razr’s version sucked.

When did the Logitech g13 come out?

September 14, 2004
Product information

Product Dimensions 11.2 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available September 14, 2004
Manufacturer Logitech
Language English

How do I add games to my Logitech G hub?

ADD GAME OR APPLICATION​. Click the + icon in the profile bar to add a new ​Game/Application Profile​. You will then see a navigation window to direct the profile to which game/application to associate with. That new profile will appear in the ​Game Profiles​ list.

Why does Logitech want access discord?

Why does Logitech want to access Discord? Depending on which Logitech hardware you’re using, it could be that your microphone is requesting access for configuration of voice chats, or your webcam for video chats.

How strong is G13?

In any case, there are lab tests which suggest that G13 has a THC content of up to 24%. Unlike many other strains which have a large THC range, G13 is fairly consistent. The majority of samples will have a THC content of at least 22%.

What is a Logitech G13 used for?

The G13 also has a small backlit LCD display that is used for on-the-fly macro recording, monitoring system data, including CPU and RAM usage, and stopwatch or countdown clock for timing maneuvers. You can even use it as an RSS reader. Six more buttons are set just above the keypad, below the LCD panel.

Is the Logitech G13 USB advanced gameboard any good?

As an added bonus, the Logitech G13 USB Advanced Gameboard offers a sturdy construction and solid base for when things get hectic. Dominate the competition by combining complex keystrokes into one button by programming macros. 25 keys are at your disposal and can be customized to suit your gaming style.

What can I do with the G13 gameboard?

The G13 gameboard also offers pre-configured settings for many popular games, including World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and many others. Backlit keys will help you easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play.

How many G-keys does the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard have?

Get an edge over the competition with unprecedented communication and control, thanks to programmable G-keys and an integrated LCD that displays key game information. The G11 Gaming Keyboard features 18 programmable G-keys that let you create useful macros on the fly–and then play them back with just one, time-saving keystroke.

Can I use my gameboard without the Logitech gaming software?

Even better is that you load the profiles into the gameboard so that it will stay with it even when you plug it into a computer which does not have the Logitech Gaming Software Installed.

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