Does Jimmy Barnes have a daughter called Megan?

Does Jimmy Barnes have a daughter called Megan?

“A woman handed me a letter”: Jimmy Barnes reveals the unlikely way his long-lost daughter found him. Anh Do has revealed the unlikely way Jimmy Barnes’ discovered he was the father of two of his long-lost children. The two daughters, Amanda Bennett and Megan Torzyn first tracked down their father in 2010.

How old is Jane Mahoney?

About 64 years (1958)
Jane Mahoney/Age

Is Jimmy Barnes daughter disabled?

Elly-May was born premature at 20 weeks and suffered a brain bleed on the left side, which affected the right side of her body, although both sides of her body experience spasms. “Cerebral palsy is a physical disability.

Is EJ Jimmy Barnes daughter?

Let’s introduce you to Jimmy Barnes’ kids – David, Mahalia, Jackie, EJ, and Elly-May, along with his two long-lost daughters, who he only met almost 40 years after their birth.

Who was Jimmy Barnes first wife?

Jane Mahoney
1980s. In November 1979, Barnes met Jane Mahoney (born 1958 as Jane Dejakasaya in Bangkok, Thailand), the stepdaughter of an Australian diplomat. Barnes began a relationship with her. The pair married in Sydney on 22 May 1981 and Jane gave birth to their first child Mahalia, named after Mahalia Jackson, on 12 July 1982 …

How is David Campbell related to Jimmy Barnes?

David officially found out that Jimmy was his father when he was 10 years old, telling The Father Hood that he was “emotionally rocked” by the news. “Lightning struck that day for me,” he said.

Who is Jimmy Barnes son?

David Campbell
Jackie Barnes
Jimmy Barnes/Sons
In July 2005, Barnes released his eleventh studio album, Double Happiness, which debuted at number one on the ARIA Charts. Double Happiness was an album of duets, including several with his children, daughters Mahalia and Elly-May, son Jackie and oldest son, entertainer David Campbell.

How many grandkids does Jimmy Barnes have?

Barnes is also a proud grandad to no less than 15 grandkids!

Who is the mother of David Campbell?

Kim Campbell
David Campbell/Mothers

Who is Eliza Jane Barnes married to?

Eliza Jane Barnes Wiki

Name Eliza Jane Barnes
Net Worth $18 Million
Husband Jimmy Metherell
Instagram @squeejie
Youtube EJ Barnes

Who is David Campbell married to?

Lisa Hewittm. 2008
David Campbell/Spouse

How is Mark Lizotte related to Jimmy Barnes?

Since 1987, Lizotte, has played on several albums by his brother-in law, Australian rock singer, Jimmy Barnes.

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