Does Dell Inspiron 7000 have a stylus?

Does Dell Inspiron 7000 have a stylus?

The AccuPoint Active Stylus does NOT require any form of pairing for your Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 (13.3 in)!…

Color Metallic Silver
Material Aluminum
Number of Batteries 1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
Item Weight 1.3 Ounces
Are Batteries Included Yes

Does the Inspiron 13 7000 come with a pen?

The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 is the best Inspiron to date, and it’s now a serious alternative to the XPS 13. This convertible laptop has a stealthy aluminum chassis with a clever magnetic stylus slot that securely stores an included Active Pen.

What pens work with Dell Inspiron 7000?

Best answer: Dell’s own PN338M Active Pen is the best option for your Inspiron 15 7000 (7570), but it will only work with pen-compatible (touch display) models of the laptop. The newest 7580 model of the Inspiron 15 7000 does not have touch display options, thus no pen support.

Can I use an active stylus with Dell Inspiron?

The buttons/functions and pen in general do work with an Inspiron 13-7378 with the ACTIVE PEN sticker.

Does any stylus work on Dell?

The device needs a screen that specifically supports active pens of any sort. Any touch screen will work with those rubber tipped stylus you use on cell phones, but to support a pen, Wacom or N-trig, or even some Synaptics, they most have special screens designed for that.

Does Apple pen work with Dell?

No. The Apple Pencil works differently from other styluses. It requires special hardware built into the iPad itself. It won’t connect with any device that doesn’t have that hardware.

Which Dell laptop has stylus?

Dell Inspiron 13 7390 and 7590 2-in-1 have magnetic “pen garages” for housing the stylus.

Does Dell laptop come with pen?

Dell’s latest XPS 13 2-in-1 doesn’t come with a pen in the box, but it does support pen input if that’s something you want or need.

Does Apple pencil work on Dell laptop?

Can I use surface Pen on Dell laptop?

No, unfortunately, the Surface Pen uses N-Trig, while the Dell supports stylus based on Wacom AES. So, you will need to get a specific compatible pen for your device.

How can I find my lost Dell pen?

If your Surface or laptop ever get lost, you can go to, and click the “Find my device link” for the computer you want to locate….Finding my pen

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & Security.
  3. Click on Find my device.
  4. Under “Where’s my pen?” click the Go here to track it link.

Does Dell have a stylus pen?

The Dell Stylus A stylus for a tablet usually looks a bit like a pen and can be used to select options, write, or draw on a touchscreen. Note: The stylus is sold separately and is not shipped with the tablet.

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